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Newest WM 6.5 Build 23412

As the saying goes, you can’t keep up with the players without a program. And that’s the way it is with ongoing “leaks” (who is MS kidding?) of WM 6.5, now with build 23412 (as reported by Here’s what they have to say:

“Windows Mobile 6.5.1 is shaping up pretty nicely on the UI side with the new soft keys and status bar, but the built-in apps are still badly in need of updating. Its gratifying to see Microsoft realizes this, with the latest build of WM 6.5 23412 having a dramatically improved contacts application which appears much more user-friendly. While these changes are very nice and essential, it does place the released version of Windows Mobile 6.5 in a pretty poor light, as it is missing most of the dramatic changes seen recently.”

And an additional comment from “Another day, another new Windows Mobile 6.5 build. This time, in build 23412 (via XDA) we see that the contacts application is being revamped, which is good considering that this part of the operating system hasn’t changed much in nine years. As always, we expect that many design aspects of this app will continue to evolve and become more refined.”

It’ll be great when the leading chefs, including our very own Herg, get this ROM cooked for the Fuze.