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MobileMatt FuzeBerry II Rhodium Edition RELEASED

MobileMattFuzeBerry_II_4For those of you who are fans of the MobileMatt’s FuzeBerry theme (I think that means almost every one) good news – when you update to the new TP2 version of TF3D Mobile Matt will be ready for you with the new FuzeBerry II theme. Of course, you’ll get the high quality look and feel that you know and love whenever Matt is at work. And there are a lot of unique customizations that Matt brings with his theme like a transparent flip clock and modified graphics, wallpapers and icons throughout the theme all integrated. This is a 99% completed project at this time and you should also know that there are some duplicative files that need to be weeded out so the install may take long but this will have no impact on functionality once installed. You need to install the new version of TF3D first and then install this theme on top of it. To install this theme you should disable TF3D, install the theme and then re-enable TF3D.

Checkout Matt’s posting in our forums here to see some more screen shots (have a change of pants ready) and the download is available from Matt’s site directly. Just like XBoxMod, Matt has worked extremely hard to push out this release so you may want to make a donation to him to cover some of the expense of all of that coffee and scotch he’s needed to get this completed:)