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News for Monday April 26th 2010

Happy Monday! Isn’t it great that it’s Monday again, here it’s rather nasty with rain and cold, but at least it’s not snowing! Anyway, I’m back with some more new for you from sites around the world…


Storage Related:

Kingston HyperX PC3-15000 (1866MHz) LoVo 4GB Kit
QUOTE: "We have to wonder, though; does Low Voltage and HyperX deserve to be in the same category? It seems a little conflicting. HyperX is all about power and Low Voltage is all about taking care of the environment and hugging trees.
Let’s hope that this isn’t just some normal kit of memory with a new colored heatsink and fancy title. Hopefully we’ll discover that the kit deserves to sit in the HyperX series and LoVo is something that we should be interested in."


Corsair Flash Padlock 2:
English link:
Swedish link:
Quote: Flash drives has hit the market hard in various sizes, but one thing that has been missing is a security flash drive. I have seen ones with thumb prints but Corsair has released the Padlock 2 which encrypts the drive and locks it with a pin code. How well does it perform?


Patriot Viper II DDR3 1600mhz Triple Channel Kit @ TechwareLabs

Quote: A fact that many computer users overlook is that the ram in their system plays a critical role in both the stability and performance. It is important not only to have enough ram but also that your ram is good quality and fast. Join us as we test the speed and performance of the Patriot Viper’s DDR3 1600 ram kit.


Super Talent RAIDDrive USB-3.0 Flash Drive @ Benchmark Reviews

DESCRIPTION: SuperSpeed USB-3.0 delivers a very dramatic improvement over the older USB-2 protocol. Bandwidth speed has increased from 480 Mb/s to 5000 Mb/s, and file transfer rates as fast as 400 MB/s are now possible; making SuperSpeed USB-3.0 very competitive with the Serial-ATA interface. In this article Benchmark Reviews tests the Super Talent RAIDDrive ST3U64SRK SuperSpeed USB-3.0 flash drive, a product with up to 128GB of capacity which utilizes two SSD controllers in a RAID-0 array. The Super Talent USB-3.0 RAIDDrive is capable of 320 MB/s according to specifications, making it the fastest USB flash drive on the market.



Stardock USB 3.0 HDD Dock and Card Review  @ XSReviews

Review Link:
Quote: "When it comes to portable storage there are two different improvements everyone is interested in hearing about: capacity and transfer speeds. One of the newest ones to hit the market is the advent of the new USB standard, USB 3.0. Today we’re looking at a Startech package that gives you not only a hard drive dock supporting the new port, but also a PCI-E card giving you a pair of USB3 ports to make sure you’re fully compatible. "


Patriot Valkyrie Dual Bay NAS

The Patriot Valkyrie is a nice quiet alternative to the popular DNS-323 dual-bay NAS.  They both have basically the same feature set and Patriot makes theirs unique with the backup feature that can quickly and easily backup your USB media to the box.   The Bittorrent feature seems to work well, and the iTunes server works as advertised.  All-in-all, the overall experience was very good. . .

== has posted their review of the Kingwin DockMaster USB 3.0 HDD Dock. 

"Kingwin has added three USB 3.0 devices to its product roster this year, two SATA enclosures (one 2½" and one 3½") and the DockMaster SATA HDD dock we have for review today. The DM-2535U3 is a single bay drive dock that accepts either 2½" or 3½" SATA drives. It features USB 3.0 connectivity for bandwidth up to 5Gb/s and plug and play capability. Facing competition from an overabundance of USB 2.0 drive enclosures and the already super fast eSATA interface, can USB 3.0 really surpass the popularity and speed of existing devices?"

Direct Link:


Western Digital VelociRaptor 600GB HDD Review on Technic3D


Quote: "The Western Digital VelociRaptor 600GB HDD (VR200M) arrived Technic3D. Available in 150GB, 300GB, 450GB and 600GB configurations. We will check the new High-End SATA 6 Gb/s HDD WD6000HLHX with 32MB Cache and 10.000rpm  against the older version and SSDs in Windows 7."


OCZ Solid 2 Series SATA II 2.5" 60GB SSD @ TestFreaks

Today for review I’ve got another value priced SSD, this one is from OCZ, it’s called the Solid 2 and it is 60gb in capacity. I’ve put it up against a couple other value series SSDs and found that the Solid 2 performs well overall. During my testing I also found that the Solid 2 performs better than the specs indicate it should, which is good thing. So read on to learn more..




Mobile / Notebook/ Etc:

Camangi WebStation Google Android Tablet PC @ Benchmark Reviews

DESCRIPTION: The Camangi WebStation is a compact tablet WiFi or 3G-connected PC that utilizes the Google Android Operating System. Similar to the Apple iPad, the Camangi WebStation adds all of the features an Android smartphone offers and combines them with tablet size and functionality. Weighing a mere 13 ounces, the Camangi WebStation tablet can double as an eBook reader with the installed Aldiko or Google Books applications. Internet phone calls can be made using Fring, and the 3G Wizard adds connectivity when WiFi is unavailable. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the Camangi WebStation Google Android Tablet PC in a combination of everyday uses to see how well it can replace other compact computer devices.



Lenovo Thinkpad X100e: AMD in Thinkpad @ InsideHW

Summary: The idea of being able to own a ThinkPad notebook for just 400€ seems very good indeed, but one shouldn’t rush the decision.
Article link:


The best thing about HTC HD2 @ t-break

A well-kept secret of the HTC HD2 is that it can operate as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, giving any Wi-Fi device access to the Internet through it’s 3G data connection.
The Full Article can be viewed at


Overclock3D have just published a new article titled: Razer Orochi Mobile Mouse.
Quote: If you’ve got a laptop but still like to game, maybe Razer have just what you want.


Ricoh CX3 Review – Recommended!

We’ve just published our review of the new Ricoh CX3 – an update to the Ricoh CX2 – it features a new 10 megapixel back-lit CMOS sensor, 720p HD video mode, 16:9 aspect ratio, new Pet scene mode, Auto-Scenes, Noise reduction options (from the GR DIGITAL III), Face priority focus, and the same specifications as the CX2, such as 5fps shooting, wide angle 10.7x optical zoom lens (28mm – 300mm), 3" 920k pixel screen, image stabilisation, Dynamic Range shooting, electronic level, AF bracketing. 299


HTC Incredible vs. Apple iPhone 3GS
"We have little doubt that HTC’s Incredible is king of the Android mountain for the time being. But even if it stares down at the myTouch puttering around in the foothills and the Droid on a craggy outcropping just below, it still has to measure up against that veritable Everest in the distance: Apple’s iPhone 3GS. How does the HTC Incredible measure up? Break out the altimeter and sextant, we’re going to find out."
Link to the article:


Dell Vostro V13’s laptop


Snippet: “Dell’s latest ultraportable laptop—otherwise known as the poor man’s Adamo—is a great looking machine, constructed with durable and premium materials at a decent price. Its specifications aren’t cutting edge, but it’s so much faster compared to most netbooks which use Intel’s low-cost Atom processor. The biggest criticism of the Vostro V13 is that its svelte design results in poor battery life and the inability to swap out the cell or system memory. Graphics performance isn’t too hot, either. But if you or your colleagues are mostly deskbound, need a laptop that impresses at client meetings, or want something that is small and light to carry, then the Vostro V13 could be a prudent choice.”


Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7 Review
"Let’s blow away the smoke-this is one of the best new digicams we’ve reviewed in a long time, well deserving its pick as an Editor’s Choice. It’s far from the perfect camera we’re always searching for but it does so many things well, it should go near the top of the list of anyone shopping for a new digicam. Why are we so juiced about the TX7? Read on and find out."
Link to the review:


HTC Incredible @ TestFreaks

Today for review I’ve got what has to be the best phone on the market today in terms of both quality, usability and price really. The HTC Incredible from Verizon Wireless was just announced and will be available on the 29th to the public, but in my time with it I’ve truly grown to love it. Yes it’s not without faults, but the pros very much outweigh the cons of this phone. To put it simply, the HTC Incredible is the best Android based phone out there right now.




Audio / Video:

Asus MS238H LCD Monitor Review:

Today we’re taking a look at a monitor, the Asus MS238H, that’s part of a new trend sweeping the display market. No, we’re not talking about 3D technology. The Asus MS238H is the first desktop LCD monitor we’ve tested that features LED backlighting. This is basically the same technology found in the HDTV arena which makes displays thinner and lighter than ever before. LED back lit displays are so slim, they can be hung on walls like picture frames, eliminating the need for the heavy duty mounts that standard LCD products previously required.  Furthermore, the MS238H sports a 23" widescreen layout, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, 2 ms response time, and ring shaped stand that distinguishes it from every other monitor available…


Asus Xonar Essence STX Sound Card Review @ Tweaknews
Article Url:
Article Snippet:
"Asus’ Xonar Essence STX may be pricey, but for audiophiles or those with the money to spend on an excellent sound card, this is the one to get. It looks good and performs even better. It’s made with high quality components throughout, right down to the capacitors and EMI shield and this attention to detail becomes evident right from the first listen."


Grado GR8 Review
"The folks at Grado Labs are well educated in matters of high performance headphones. Their SR60i headphones, for example, made our Best Headphones of 2010 list and are frequently praised as the best sounding on-ear headphones you can get for under $100.00. Considering the popularity of the iPod and other portable players, one might think that offering an in-ear model would be a foregone conclusion. For whatever reason, though, Grado has quietly gone without an in-ear mode until now. With the introduction of the GR8, Grado acknowledges that the portable media player is here to stay and that a large segment of listeners demand a high quality, comfortable set of in-ears to go with their iPod. In this review, we’ll take a close look at the GR8 and see if they really are as ‘great’ as their name might imply."
Link to the review:




Assorted Stuffs:

Win one of three Cooler Master chassis @ Elite Bastards

Entering the competition is simple, and you can find all the details right here:


How to find out the Model of the Motherboard You Have @

Review URL:

Quote: “Knowing who makes your motherboard and what model you have is very important. Many motherboards have new drivers and BIOS updates that fix problems with the motherboard once it has been released. To download and install these updates you need to know the exact model name and manufacturer of your motherboard. Many people who have built their own computer should already know this, but if you somehow forget or you have purchased your computer from a store this guide will easy show you where to find this information."


NETGEAR GS605AV 5-Port Gigabit Network Switch
QUOTE: "In almost all of our networking reviews we have talked about Quality of Service or QoS. This handy little feature allows you to adjust priority for different types of network traffic. It makes keeping a network from becoming congested, easy.
Enter the NETGEAR GS605AV; it is a 5-port GBe (Gigabit Ethernet) switch that has all the QoS done internally for you at the low price of $46.99 from All you have to do is connect your network to it in the proper fashion. To make things even simpler, they have also color coded the ports on the back so you almost can’t screw up."


A Futurelooks Guide to Finding the Best Alternatives to Apple Products

The boys and girls who work in Cupertino have released some wonderful gadgets  over the years. At the same time, there are far too many people out there who blindly listen to Steve and buy Apple products without considering some suitable alternatives. Just as you would probably spend a good deal of time shopping around for a new car or even a new home, it pays to do some background research before splurging on a new gadget or gizmo too. It’s your money and you probably want to make sure that it’s well spent. Let’s have a good look at some of the best alternatives to Apple products, or in some cases, the best alternatives to products that Apple “reinvented”.

Direct Link:


Exclusive: GIGABYTE demo On/Off Charge for Apple products
QUOTE: "Earlier today we were invited down to the GIGABYTE Technology headquarters here in Taipei where we were given an exclusive demonstration of its new "On/Off Charge" technology for the Apple iPod and other Apple products such as the iPhone and iPod.
GIGABYTE quietly launched a software driver a little while ago that allowed its motherboards to charge Apple products via USB even when your computer was turned off. Now the Taiwanese motherboard heavyweight steps things up some more with its new On/Off Charge tech."



Gaming Related:

Mionix Naos 5000 Mouse Review at Overclockers Online
Quote: I plugged in the Naos 5000, loaded up the software, and fired up a few games. I played through all of Assassin’s Creed 2 and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced War Fighter with it, and I have to say, it never let me down once. The mouse was accurate and steady with pinpoint precision, firing off life-dependant head-shots and reflexive counter-attacks. Every dpi and macro setting proved useful as well.


Double Charge Station for Wii Review @ Wii digest

Today for review I’ve got an inexpensive product from CTA Digital called the Double Charge Station. What  it entails is two battery packs for your Wii Remotes and a charging base to charge them while they are in your remotes. The Charge Station retails for about $15, and that’s not bad considering how much batteries cost and how much you could save using rechargeable batteries. The charge station is compatible with the Wii MotionPlus too, so you can charge the batteries with it on, but you can’t charge with the rubber covers on the controllers. So read on to learn more about this product…



Nvidia’s Geforce GTX 480 and 470 deliver an interesting feature for quality oriented gamers: Full screen Supersampling Anti-Aliasing under DirectX 10 and DirectX 11. Up to now this high-end image enhancement had been available under DirectX 9 with AMD’s Radeon HD 5000 series only.,745901/Geforce-GTX-480/470-with-unmatched-image-quality-in-modern-games/Practice/


Splinter Cell Conviction (PC) Review @
"What a difference a beard makes… Seriously. The promotional material for Splinter Cell: Conviction saw pictures of a bedraggled Sam Fisher plastered everywhere just to let us know that things had changed. Its the classic movie convention – clean cut equals a by the book good guy, stubble equals either a bad guy or a good guy with a tendency to make up the rules as he goes along but the full beard is the uniform of a broken man."


Brink Questions Answered by Richard Ham @ [OC]ModShop

Brink is set on the Ark, a massive artificial city floating far out in the Pacific Ocean, built as a prototype for mankind’s “perfect green future.” It’s a complex that should house around 5,000 people, but unfortunately, the ocean levels have risen, and people from all over the globe have come to Ark as refugees, overrunning the place with a population of 50,000. Resources are running out and people are scared, leaving the whole place on the brink of all-out civil war. When the game starts, you choose if you want to fight as a member of Ark Security or the civilian Resistance movement. Each side of the
conflict has their own goals and objectives, and each side thinks they’re the good guys.

Review URL ::


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