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News for September 5th 2010

Hey it’s Sunday! it’s cold here in Pittsburgh this morning, woke up to a brisk 51F.. I know that’s not exactly cold, but it’s been in the high 80s most of last week, quite a change. Anyway, I got myself a new phone, being a reviewer is fun for the most part, but some products you’ve got to send back and that makes me sad sometimes.. Recently I reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, I love it, but I had to send it back to Samsung. So yesterday I went to the AT&T store and renewed my contract and bought one for myself because I liked it so much, I’m happy now I guess, that it until the next great phone comes along…



Storage Related:

Patriot 4GB PC3-19200 2400MHz DDR3 @ Rbmods

Quote:  Memory is getting faster and faster and Patriot has released a very fast memory kit lately. We are going to look at a 4GB Pc3-19200 2400MHz memory kit from Patriot today. How well does it perform, and how fast is it really compared to 1600MHz memory that alot of people use these days?

English link:
Swedish link:–specifikationer.aspx


Mushkin Callisto Deluxe 60 GB SSD


Brief: Mushkin’s Callisto 60 GB comes at a very affordable $145 which makes it the cheapest 60 GB Sandforce-driven SSD on the market today. With a capacity of 60 GB it is a great choice for a Windows 7 boot drive. TRIM is also supported, so you get the maximum out of your SSD even after it’s aged a bit.


OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD @ Phoronix
Direct Link:
Summary: "As solid-state drives are becoming very popular with enthusiasts and a common choice for those interested in high-performance data storage, at Phoronix we have reviewed many SSDs from OCZ Technology including the Agility, Agility EX, Vertex, and Solid 2. Today we are reviewing the next-generation Vertex SSD, which is the Vertex 2, and it promises to offer much faster reads and writes, is rated to last an extra 500,000 hours beyond the 1.5 million hour MTBF of the original Vertex, and is available in capacities up to 480GB."




Audio / Video:

Logitech Revue: Hands-On Impressions
"Having conquered online search, webmail, and even online video, Google now wants to stick a blue, red, yellow and green flag in your 42-inch TV. Last spring, the company announced Google TV, a competitor to the likes of Apple TV, Windows Media Center and even free software like Boxee. The first hardware company to pick up Google’s latest experiment? Logitech, with its Revue set-top box."
Link to the article:


Compro VideoMate C200 Plus review

Chances are high that you have lots of old camcorder tapes or VHS tapes tucked away somewhere with memories if your childhood, favorite holidays, your wedding, your children of perhaps even grandchildren. Wouldn’t it be great if you could convert this old media to a more secure storage medium? Look no further, the Compro VideoMate C200 Plus promises to be up to the job, this product is an USB video/audio capture stick that enables you to transfer video and audio to your PC without any hassle.


WD TV Live Plus Media Player @ Techgage


Quote: We took a look at ASUS’ O!Play media player a couple of weeks ago, and now we’re checking out WD’s spin on things, with its TV Live Plus. In addition to the fact that it supports a multitude of media formats, it has a great design, dual USB ports, HDMI and Component connectivity, and in our testing, also offered great performance.




Mobile Related:

Mobility Digest Review – Naztech Ultima 5 Horizontal Case

In my continued quest for cases large enough to handle an extended battery Tilt2, I picked up a Naztech Ultima 5  Horizontal Case and it has turned out to be an almost perfect solution. As a point of information, I stretch (train) my cases using a block of wood cut slightly larger than my phone. The blocks stay in the cases when not in use, so they are always ready when I need them. I would rather my case be slightly loose than too tight.


‘LG Optimus GT540 Mobile Phone review’
The LG Optimus GT540 is a sleek feel without the exuberant price tag.
The Full Article can be viewed at


Funky Kit Leaked Screenshots – Notebook with ATOM D525 + Nvidia ION + Blu-Ray + USB3.0

We’ve just received some interesting screenshots and photos on Intel’s new Dual Core ATOM D525 processor running at 1.8Ghz. The BIOS screenshots looks like it was taken from a notebook … meaning that this new Dual Core ATOM D525 is powerful enough to be classed as notebook processor, rather than just for netbooks. Notice the notebook features USB3.0 and a Nvidia ION based graphics with 512Mb DDR3 ram onboard. What’s interesting is that the notebook also comes with a blu-ray drive too !!

Read the rest of the article here …


Thermaltake Massive23 LX Notebook Cooler

This cooler doesn’t have a variable speed fan.  It is either on or off and this would be a big deal if the fan was noisy at full speed.  It isn’t.  The 23cm fan is very quiet and still provides decent cooling.  To liven things up, Thermaltake has included a switch that lets you turn the LEDs in the fan on or off as well. . .


Can a Barrage of Android Tablets Endanger the iPad?
"At the IFA show this week in Berlin, Samsung announced its 7-inch Galaxy Tab, and Toshiba its Folio 100 (which won’t be coming to the U.S. for a while, if at all). Back in the U.S., Archos unveiled not one but five tablets – actually three small Android multimedia players and two tablets, with 7- and 10.1-inch screens."
Link to the article:


Arctic Sound S111 Portable Speakers and C1 Mobile USB Charger Review @ TopReviewShop 
"Priced at under $20, the Arctic Sound S111 is meant to be a small and convenient replacement for the less-than-impressive speakers found in most notebooks and netbooks. Coupled with the Arctic C1 Mobile solar-powered USB charger, the S111 can also be used as a set of iPod speakers while out and about. Is the Arctic Sound S111 the cheap-and-cheerful remedy for notebook audio blues? Let’s find out."


Thermaltake Massive23 LX Laptop Cooler @ Pro-Clockers

Review link:

Laptop coolers are one of those accessories that you tend to pick up when you purchase that new laptop. Just like a laptop bags its one of the items that you need in order to keep your laptop in perfect working order. Yes, there are many to choose from so how do you determine which one to buy. You can read one review after another telling you how well a particular cooler performed but most of the time it comes down to cost and personal preference.
Thermaltake is one of those companies that take cooling serious. Don’t believe me? That a short trip over to their website and you will see everything from CPU cooling to personal cooling to laptop cooling. One very successful laptop cooler series from them would be the Massive line up. The Massive series is aimed at persons with larger higher performing laptops like the Sony F series I currently have. Today, we will be taking a look at the Massive23 LX. Does it have what it takes to cool beast like the Sony F series I currently have? We will see. Read on.


Dell Streak Android Tablet Review:

When it comes to Android devices, there are two inevitabilities. The first is that its popularity is unstoppable. Twice as many Android smartphones are sold now than were only two months earlier. The second given is that an onslaught of Android tablets are about to descend upon us. Major manufacturers, such as Asus, LG, Motorola, and Samsung have their devices in the pipeline for later this summer, the fall, or early next year.


Choiix Power Fort Backup Battery Review @ Ninjalane
Quote: Power is a fundamental problem when using our portable devices and often dictates how often that device is used. Talk time on your cell phone, or play time on a portable gaming console limit their effectiveness. While the battery life is designed to accommodate the majority of scenarios between charging you always find yourself holding back to conserve the battery life or running out of power when you might need it most.




Assorted Stuffs:

The Ultimate CPU Round-up: Summer 2010 @ InsideHW

Summary: The critical thing is to pick an appropriate motherboard to go with the new CPU, which will contain all the features you may need now and in the foreseeable future.
Article link:


PC Partner prepares to float on stock exchange? – KitGuru breaking news

Floating a company onto the stock exchange is a great way to evolve. Not only does it bring in a huge amount of investment, it also ensures that the original founders finally get paid for all their initial work. China is full of massive companies that are privately owned. One of the biggest and most famous of these privately held companies is PC Partner. KitGuru wonders if that might change soon. Pension fund managers prepare your wallets for the possibility that PC Partner might float.

Read the news here:


SoundRacer V10 Engine Sound Effects Review @ Legit Reviews
Article URL:

"Have you ever said to yourself, "Hey, I wish my quiet family car sounded like a formula one race car"? I know I haven’t. Well, if you are one of the people that answered yes to that question boy do you need to keep reading this article because the SoundRacer V10 is just what you have been looking for. Not only does the V10 make your car sound like a super sports car, it also doubles as an audio device connection in your car just in case it didn’t come with one and you want to listen to some music from your IPod or Zune or whatever it is you use."


PAX 2010 DAy 1 Coverage @ Hardware Canucks

Quick Intro:

Portal 2 Gameplay Impressions:

The Technologies Behind Guild Wars 2:


Overclock3D have just published a new article titled: The Collosus Treasure Hunt!.
Quote: Fancy winning a BitFenix Collosus chassis…way before its even been released? You better get your reading glasses on then for our latest treasure hunt.


Win a ThermalTake LEVEL 10 Case worth over £500 with KitGuru !

KitGuru has some of the best prizes on the net, bar none. We have given away thousands of pounds of hardware in our short time opening and today we have something REALLY special that be pride of place in your bedroom.

The stunning Thermaltake Level 10 Case designed by BMW.

By now we would assume you have already read our review of this masterpiece from Thermaltake. If you haven’t then I suggest you follow the link, just be sure not to lean over your keyboard as the subsequent drool could cause damage.

Enter the competition over here:


Cisco Valet Plus M20 Wireless Router Video Review

What happens when you get the networking experts from Linksys into the same room as the ease of use experts that produced the Flip UltraHD pocket camcorder? Well, it seems that this marriage has birthed its first offspring: the Valet line of routers from Cisco. Like with the Flip which is credited for making videos easy, the idea here is to provide wireless networking to people who may have otherwise been intimidated by the world of routers. In fact, the Cisco Valet Plus M20 that we’re reviewing today isn’t even called a router; it’s a wireless hotspot.

Direct Link:


Contest: Win a Samsung Gravity T or Samsung Flight II Cell Phone

Contest: Win a Samsung Gravity T or Samsung Flight II Cell Phone

Are you a T-Mobile or AT&T Customer in need of a new phone? If so then I’ve got a a nice one for you for free. Samsung was kind enough to give me five phones to give away to our faithful readers, three for T-Mobile and two for AT&T. The first giveaway will be for the Samsung Gravity T for T-Mobile and it’s going to be easy to win it. The contest will run from today, Friday September 3rd, until Thursday September 9th. The second phone will be the Samsung Flight II for AT&T, and that contest will run until September 30th. So read on to learn what you need to do to win one of these phones.



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