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Next Week’s Windows Phone XBL Title Is Fight Game: Rivals

We’re in for a good one next week. It’s a mix between a fighting game and a turn based game and it looks extremely polished.

  • Prove yourself in underground fighting tournaments all over the world to earn the chance to go toe to toe with world-famous martial art champions like Alistair Overeem and Sem Schilt!
  • Striking visuals with highly detailed environments and characters
  • Unlock a large variety of unique moves, skills and abilities with detailed animations throughout your fighting career
  • Genre-bending ‘strategy, turn-based, fighting game’, optimized for mobile devices and touch screen operated game-play
  • Earn 20 unique Xbox LIVE Achievements

With Fight Game: Rivals; here is your chance to become the king of kings amongst tournament fighters around the world!  Fight the opposition on distinct locations in Europe, Asia and America and unlock a wide variety of devastating attacks and skills.Grow ever stronger, prove yourself in fighting tournaments all over the world and get ready to face the elite of combat sports, world-famous martial arts champions Sem Schilt and Alistair Overeem, and become the new champion!

You can see more about it on their site here.