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Next Week’s Windows Phone Xbox Live Title: IonBall EX

As you know this week’s Windows Phone Xbox Live titles are Minesweeper and Sudoku, which are free and pretty vanilla actually. Not a cool version of either game but they are free and you get achievements. Also, the deal of the week is Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 for 2011. And next week? “Watch for “IonBallEX” for just $2.99, available in the Games Marketplace next week.” If you don’t know the title, IonBall is already in the Marketplace for $2. This is a new version of the game with achievements of course. The game itself is a brick-break style game. WPCentral notes the games official description is:

IonBall EX is a modern twist on a classic Breakout style game, featuring an XP-based progression system and end-of-level bosses that are going to push you to the extreme, all delivered in a unique Steampunk style. With 35 challenging levels, mind-bending features and awesome bosses, IonBall EX is the breakout game to "break" all others. See where you can get on the leaderboard, or unlock Achievements like "Record Breaker" or "Wipeout” – the IonBall EX challenge is here.

This updated version has new levels and features as well. The current version is getting pretty solid reviews so hopefully this version will be a welcomed release next week.