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much-handsomeNGINX, the most powerful web server in the world that could blow your latency and CPU load clean off has snatched the number one spot from Apache as the most used web server among the most-trafficked 10,000 websites, according to W3Techs.

After hearing the nerds sing its praises I tried NGINX on my own Linux server several months ago and I know firsthand that, at least for the type of site I was running, its efficiency allowed me to serve my site faster and to a larger audience during peak hours where Apache would otherwise bottleneck.

And I had the very same experience on a Windows server with IIS and then NGINX but with a much more dramatic improvement.

But don’t rule out IIS, sailor – Microsoft is making huge inroads and gaining on Apache by suddenly hosting millions of inactive Godaddy parked domains. Well played, Redmond, well played.

Doug Simmons