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Ninja Bugs Comes to iOS

Ninja Bugs is here for your iOS devices. According to the PR, the game is here to compete with Fruit Ninja and I’m guessing that means gameplay is similar. From what I’ve seen the graphics are decent and I like Fruit Ninja so I’ll have to give this one a try and see how it is. It’s out for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone with an Android version on the way eventually. Price right now is 99 cents for it.


“We are incredibly excited about the launch of Ninja Bugs,” Says the team at OneHaze, “we’ve spent the last six months in development to ensure that we include features that gamers want, such as different 4 modes of game play, tons of features to achieve and unlock, 10 backgrounds, 6 weapons, 9 creepy crawlers and many top notch features with the 3D graphics that people expect.”

Through four different modes of gameplay, players will unlock and can use different backgrounds and weapons, each with a distinctive colour and sound. Ninja Bugs also incorporates Open Feint, giving players the opportunity to compete for position on the leader board and unlock achievements. Users on the iPad can also play a multiplayer, head-to-head version.

Similar mobile games have proven to be extremely popular on iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices, with millions of players wielding their fingers across screens on fruits and vegetables. Ms. Hayes feels that these players are ready for something new in the genre, and Ninja Bugs is the answer.

“Kids especially will love the way that the bugs splatter, and parents will love that there’s no mess to clean up. The Ninja Bugs app will be available through Apple, with the Android version coming soon.”

For more information on how to get a copy of this mobile app, visit to locate the app stores.

App is currently available for iPhone and iPod , iPad and other devices coming soon.

Current price .99c

Direct link to App:
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