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No 930 or is the rumor mill just working overtime?

rumors_rumors_largeThe 930 has been on the list of supposed announcements for BUILD on Wednesday.  Yesterday it was reported from a “reliable tipster” that the 930 was going to be late to the party by almost a week and instead having its coming out party on the 8th.  This comes out of  Since this was reported I watched the spread of this rumor occur like STD’s in a coed dorm.  Just one long line of itchy burning shit that all leads back to one culprit that when the news comes up feigns ignorance and denies any moral culpability to their reporting (or not) the facts at hand.  These sites also like to reference the fact that we have no known leaks of press shots, renders or any other photographic evidence of this phones existence to wax philosophical on the emergence of this fabled phone.  Now does say that they have conflicting sources in their own article, however all these new sites that have felt the subsequent itch to post this news seem to have only read the headline and not the article as they don’t mention this at all.  The two big news guys in WP news, Engagdet and WPCentral, have not felt the need to hop on board the proverbial train of unprotected news intercourse that some of these sites like to participate in.

To do a little philosophizing on my own I like to think that the largest two news outlets for mobile, WP specifically, having not reported this story that seems to be spreading like stuff that makes Trojan’s stock price skyrocket, means they are aware of this story but chosen not to publish it simply because they know more than any of us do.  Most often these larger news sites, under some serious NDAs, will have a lot of this information prior to these events so that they can do up their respective praises and publish more quickly.  Ah, the benefits of full time paid staffers for blog sites.  Anyway let’s just ignore all of this and go back to the original article and reexamine the conflicting reports from multiple tipsters.  Seems to me that almost every other news site has had their own or maybe even a few overlapping tipsters regarding the debut of the 930 at BUILD.  So far we have seen one, singular, story reporting to know someone that thinks the 930 will be a no show.  Thus is the nature of tipsters, but just seems to me like the story your friend tells you about a friend who told him he knew a guy that knows a thing.  Sorry for making you read that confusing thing but that’s exactly what this is: Confusing.

This kind of stuff really makes me want to just start randomly posting things from a “reliable tipster” just to see what slutty news sites coming running out of the woodwork to report this infectious information, taking the field without check the turf so to speak.  So just a warning: if you see me post something crazy it’s probably just a personal experiment to see who I can pass off my made up internet transferred news disease to.  It’s hard work finding good news these days.  Thank god for penicillin.