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No “Hiding Keyboard” Fix For AT&T Windows Phones? What a Joke

I’m glad that my Titan is on AT&T , the premiere Windows Phone partner because I love being tortured as I stare at that massive screen as my key disappears constantly.  Yes, the bug was Microsoft’s but now the blame lies with AT&T. And to remind you, this update also fixes an issue when replying to emails on Exchange 3002, some security issues as well as other items.  Apparently AT&T’s support site has noted that they are not rolling out the update so we’re forced to manually push the update ourselves and hope that we can stay in line with future updates.

For those of you that blame Microsoft, I’m not saying they’re immune from fault but let’s be real – they have what, 1.5% market share? Can’t really slap people around when you’re begging them to be your friend at the same time.

We were told that if two updates were skipped that MS would push the update out…somehow I’m doubting we’re going to see that. Total crap I say.

via WPDownUnder via WMPU