I’m glad that my Titan is on AT&T , the premiere Windows Phone partner because I love being tortured as I stare at that massive screen as my key disappears constantly.  Yes, the bug was Microsoft’s but now the blame lies with AT&T. And to remind you, this update also fixes an issue when replying to emails on Exchange 3002, some security issues as well as other items.  Apparently AT&T’s support site has noted that they are not rolling out the update so we’re forced to manually push the update ourselves and hope that we can stay in line with future updates.

For those of you that blame Microsoft, I’m not saying they’re immune from fault but let’s be real – they have what, 1.5% market share? Can’t really slap people around when you’re begging them to be your friend at the same time.

We were told that if two updates were skipped that MS would push the update out…somehow I’m doubting we’re going to see that. Total crap I say.

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  1. I’ve been defending AT&T dir years because I’ve never had a problem. I’m so angry about this right now. If this were iPhone they wouldn’t hesitate.

  2. Don’t want to get into a spat here, but of course AT&T has something to do with iPhone updates. The have to, as they phone needs to work on their network, with little or no issue to minimize customer care calls and maintain positive customer staisfaction, two things that seriously affect the bottom line.

    The difference though is Apple sends the update to AT&T on, let’s say, January 15th, and TELLS AT&T that the update is being released on January 30th. So get hopping and make sure it works for you. Otherwise you are SOL.

    Pretty sure this violates AT&T’s TOS as they pushed out an update (they signed off on it) to phones under contract with a defect rendering said devices inoperable. And although a service update is available that would return the phone to an operable state they have chosen not to release it. Wonder how long it would have taken to push out an update if let’s say, cellular communication stopped working.

    Think I will bring my Surround in when I purchase my new Lumia 900 and demand a replacement. As all Surrounds currently suffer from the same defect, I will need a phone with 8107 pre-installed. Hey, it’s worth a try.

  3. Jim, apple releases dev builds of upcoming versions of ios. They are the single most secretive company in the industry. Do you really think that they’d allow anyone to have anything more than what they already provide to the public/Devs? No way. I seriously doubt that anyone at att gets to even see these devices before they reveal them to the public.

    What could apple possibly gain by allowing AT&T access beyond what the army of developers can tell them?

    I stand by my original statement. AT&T (or sprint or verizon or telus or rogers or orange, etc) has nothing to do with updating the iPhone.

  4. So what you are saying is a handful of Engineers at AT&T can’t be trusted with a secret, but everyone who works at Apple, developers, OEMs, etc. can. Ok. So then also, apparently Mobile operators have absolutely nothing to do with how a phone works/or doesn’t, on their network. Meaning everything is on the phone manufacturer to get it right. Conclusion, absolutely no need to involve the Carrier in any update testing so they should be taken out of that loop. Thanks for clearing that up.

  5. I’m saying that Apple does not submit software or hardware to AT&T for approval. AT&T can download the dev previews of new versions of iOS when they are released to the community just like everyone else if they want to try out the new features, etc… Also, Apple does all in-house hardware testing. These things are pretty widely acknowledged actually. Apple is secretive beyond convention and rarely breaks with that mold, and that fact was in the beginning and has to this day been a strong point of contention between them and carriers. But the carriers trip over themselves to offer the iPhone. Weird huh?

    In the end, you can always believe what you want to of course, but Apple just simply does not pass their hardware around before it’s publicly available.

    Just because other platforms like WP7 and Android allow carriers to dictate how their OS and devices will be updated doesn’t mean that Apple does or ever will.

    In the end, I’m sure you’re just gonna roll your eyes, check your silly live tiles, and repeat a phrase that makes its way around the backend of this site, but it doesn’t matter what you say from here on. Windows Phone and Android devices have a RIDICULOUS model for updating their Operating System. Why would any company rely on a third party like AT&T or Verizon to do the updates?! That’s madness.

    In your case, if you honestly think that it’s a violation of the terms, take them to small claims court. Worst that happens is that you’re out $50. Best case is the full purchase price of the phone plus some algorithmic nonsense estimation of lost work and wages.

  6. Well that explains antennagate. And highlights the primary problem I have with Apple. They, like you, are always right.


  7. I didn’t say they did or didn’t. I just simply said that if this had been iPhone instead of WP, AT&T would be doing whatever Apple says, and not jerking around the consumer.
    MS has to take some of this on themselves, as well. If they don’t have the spine to tell the carriers, look do this because it’s BOTH of our incomes in this basket, well then neither should be surprised when we get pissed off.

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