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No LED? No Problem!

Thanks to NoLED by madmack who’s hailin’ out of Boston, not having an LED for notifications off my small list of Nexus S let-downs.

Basically it uses the screen to notify you of whatever you tell it to notify you about. Highly configurable, you can set it to blink briefly with specified delays, sporadically pop up a colored icon representing what the notifications are in different places of the screen so as not to cause any burn. It otherwise keeps the screen black so, at least with AMOLED I believe, between most of the screen being black and, unless you set it always on or very frequently flashing, not much battery drain to upset you. You can also have it give you vibration patterns and audible tips, again all with defined intervals. It’s pretty damn comprehensive, great find on my part thankyouvermuch.

I’m not sure but this may be a Samsung AMOLED-only thing. It’s in a Galaxy S forum, he references Samsung’s source code making things easier on him, but maybe not having a friggin’ LED notification light is also a Samsung-only thing. So if you fall under that category as I did, fly on over to XDA thread if you’re a sideloading badass or just grab it off the market and take it for a spin.

But check out your battery usage stats after using it for a while to make sure it’s not eating up your juice as it’s still a work-in-progress, especially for non-Samsung (non-Galaxy S I should say) devices. Free / donations welcome even if you’re a cheapskate.

Doug Simmons

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