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Congress Proposal Would Let Your Cell Get Robo-Calls

You know what I want more of? Harassing robo-calls so please Congress, get to work and make sure that while I’m eating dinner I get one of those annoying calls. Yeah, this is an actual bill introduced into Congress that’s at its first steps. It would let your cell-phone number be part of the robo-call list so you could get calls from telemarketers. Of course, if you wanted those you could get them – just choose to explicitly opt-in. This bill reverses that and you’re opted-in by default. This part is awesome:

Critics say one of the most troubling part of this bill is that it would allow businesses to make robo-calls to anyone’s personal or business cell phone for any commercial purpose — as long as it’s not a solicitation — even if that number is on the “Do Not Call Registry.”

So who is behind this? It’s being pushed by the US Chamber of Commerce, Air Transport Association and bankers and debt collectors. Awesome company. There are a total of ten sponsors/co-sponsors (9 Republicans and 1 Democrat).  It’s opposed by consumer groups and apparently all state attorney generals.

I don’t see this thing coming close to passing and ultimately signed into law but the shocking part is that they’re spending their time (and our money) on this sort of stuff while there are real issues that the general population supports and aren’t being addressed. No politics involved here, but I think this is so universally disliked that it’s apolitical at this point. Anyway, rant over…nothing to see here