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No PuTTY? No Problem!

Jobs are great and all, they keep you busy, keep your wife happy and pay the bills, but at what cost brother, at what cost? The cost, of course, is that at these so-called jobs we often cannot download and execute programs, namely PuTTY, without friggin’ admin rights! And even if you’re IT and have admin rights already, everything you do may be scrutinized by IT higher-ups, having to get permission in advance or explaining to the CTO why you need to SSH anywhere when it’s not part of your job. Hurts me too pal.

Wait, slow down, what’s that you say? Your company lets you use Chrome, the most powerful browser slash sandboxed quasi-platform in the world which could blow your head clean off if you’re not feeling lucky? My man, first-off, that job is a keeper, I love Chrome. Secondly, if all you needed with PuTTY was vanilla SSH (IE not rlogin, X forwarding, keys and funky cyphers), swing by the Chrome Web Store and grab Secure Shell (which, like all these, is made by Google, not some punk) and you’re in business, chief.


Good luck getting around that pesky company firewall, of course… (protip, run your sshd on port 80)

Doug Simmons

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