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Nokia Announces New App Partnerships for Windows Phone

angrybirds-space-wpCTIA is Raging Cajun down in “N’awlins” this week and among the many announcements was Nokia and their new partnerships with App Developers for the Lumia Series Windows Phone. With 80K apps currently in the Windows Phone Marketplace, it’s nice to see a Windows Phone actually grab developers attention like the Lumia Series has. Nokia and Microsoft have been working non stop to develop this partnership and part of the iPhone and Android success is it’s top tier apps.

Marco Argenti, SVP, Nokia Developer said: “With Nokia Lumia smartphones now available in 48 markets, developers are rapidly recognizing the business opportunities and creating their best work for our consumers.”

For the Sports  enthusiasts look for PGA Tour in June of 2012, ESPN Sports Hub will be receiving updates over the current months, as well as Electronic Arts [EA Sports] new titles including FIFA, Madden, NBA Jam, Tiger Woods, Mirror’s Edge and Yahtzee.

Rovio has created a dedicated development team to bring WP Fans Angry Birds Space which is a major score for the WP Platform. Groupon, TripDots, Paypal, Time, Newsweek, and AOL Entertainment are others who are now smellin’  what the Nokia Lumia is cookin’.

We’ will keep you posted on more release dates as they are announced!