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Nokia discusses what’s new in the Lumia 900 update

Now that Tango is being rolled out Nokia has stated what the update provides:

This update brings the following enhancements for US Lumia 900 owners:

  • Flip-to-silence feature
  • Camera performance enhancements
  • Battery performance enhancements
  • Startup sequence performance enhancements

Most Nokia Lumia 900 owners will appreciate the Flip-to-silence feature, which mutes your ringer if you turn the phone over. This will come in real handy if you’re in a meeting or with a close friend and you wish to not be interrupted.

Also, the enhancements will allow users to more reliably be able to open the camera when the phone is locked using the dedicated camera button.

Ok so not Earth shattering but still nice enhancements. This is pretty much what was expected.

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