The Nokia Lumia 1020 stands for something we thought we would never see happen, the day a camera phone replaces a regular point and shoot camera.
While the image and video capabilities are certainly unrivaled, what about the rest of the device? Is there enough of an offering to go around? Tune in!

Here is the Timeline for this review, feel free to skip around:
0:29 – Design
5:01 – Specs
6:42 – Camera
10:26 – Nokia Pro Cam
12:36 – Video
15:56 – Software and features
17:26 – Camera Grip
18:55 – Final Thoughts



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  1. For whatever it’s worth, it’s called the “glance” screen.

    But I gotta ask a couple of questions:

    Why would you take the stance that WP “can’t compete” with the other OS’s?
    I mainly ask because first off, no other phone can come near this one as far as camera. So… at least in one arena (more if you’re a WP user) they can’t compete nor come close.
    Second, the processors and all that are all nice and what have you, but how come it’s never mentioned that if Windows Phones handles whatever hardware they have as good as, if not better than any other OS what does it matter? Even with this camera the OS is running fine. Although I have heard there is some lag when starting the camera, and saving the shots.
    And last, are “reviewers” ever going to get to a point where the “boatload of apps” thing is set aside?
    I ask because those who say it never mention that the vast majority of popular apps (not games… I don’t think) are on WP. And with the other OS’s NOBODY mentions how many of their apps are really. truly worth having and how many are pure garbage.

    But otherwise, good info. As usual I wish it was available on T-Mo.

  2. Thanks for the glance bit…

    1. For me, WP8 more than competes, which is why it still my main device when it comes to productivity. But, by and large, it is either mission tons of apps, missing cutting edge specs or just not called an iphone. Sure, we as WP8 users can argue them all down, but there is still something very real to account for here… people will always compare… and we will also have to work hard to justify… so i just sum it up to “can’t compete” to avoid the entire madness.

    2. we mention this all the time on our shows. Check out this video where i mad that point more than a few time…

    3. i mention it to be fair, i am not reviewing the phone for only a Windows Phone audience, it i didn’t mention it i wouldn’t be fair to the potential buyer who wants to know not only the pros of the device.. but the cons. And yes, you’re absolutely right, most of the big apps are accounted for, but the few that remains missing, are a huge deal and will always spark a “yea… well… you don’t have xxx app.” response.

    i agree with you, as with the 920, the AT&T exclusive is really holding this device and windows phone back… could you imagine if t-mobile and sprint for this thing? android would be in trouble!

  3. Alright, I peeped the other video. Unfortunately the spec race is not over because when all else fails people will always fall back on specs because they feel they need “something” that says their device of choice is “better”. But logic and common sense are often lost on these people. You can’t make them understand that despite your specs, my software runs better. Forget the fact that most of the specs people talk about are completely misunderstood to the vast majority of the people who bring them up, and the rest of the people simply don’t care.

    And as far as a camera war. Now looking at it 100% honest… it’s over. It’s done. Nokia improved on something that was already an industry first/leader (808 pureview). But what will happen is other company’s will ‘IMPROVE’ their cameras, give them a catchy name (ultra pixel, pureview, etc) the prejudice, fanboi “writers” will get a hold of it and praise it not because it’s truly better, but because their favorite OEM, on their favorite OS made something better than what they had before, therefore it’s better than everything… ever. You’ll know what I mean when they focus more on the hump on the back of the 1020 more so than what it produces.

    IMO it’s sad what’s going on in the mobile device arena today. There really are some cool things going on. And whether I prefer it or not, there really are some nice WP devices. But they never get their just due because too many “writers” don’t give them an honest review. It’s always skewed, biased, bullshit laced with FUD and cynicism. That shit needs to stop.
    Or better yet, people need to learn to make up their own minds, Don’t rely on those guys. Hell, don’t even read their bullshit.

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