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Nokia Unveils a Serious Rap Video To Promote Dev Cities Coding Challenge (Rack City Parody)

Wow there’s a lot of Lumia in this video:

It’s from Nokia and intended to attract devs.  Here’s their description:

Bringing cool to coding. Mobile devices are cool. Mobile apps are cool. Mobile Developers are about to get cooler. Nokia Developer is turning towns into Dev Cities with its Ready.Set () {Code} Challenge. We are hitting 13-cities looking for developers who want to build an experience not just another app. Developers who build the coolest, baddest apps for the Windows Phone platform and Nokia Lumia devices earn devices & prizes. Sign up for a Challenge near you:

Be careful it gets catchy…

”I want a Lumia in my pocket so I’m ready to win. I choose to rock it and not just contend. I want to build an experience, not just another app. This whole mobile thing is not just another fad.“

This is a parody of Tyga’s Rack City if you don’t know and if you watch it on YouTube you get ads like this:

via Justin Angel