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Nokia World Tremors

The world as we know it will continue. That is the solitary thought that persists as I write this article. There is no Ace up Nokia’s sleeve, but there are several wildcards at play announced today. None are so shocking as to cause industry shakeups but are when viewed as a package send tremors throughout the industry.

Today both the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 were officially shown off and look very good. Disappointingly the wishful among us didn’t get a flagship class Lumia 900 unveiled. Notable absences were front facing cameras and NFC chips. If these were must-haves then move along there is nothing to see here. If they are a couple niceties then continue reading to catch a few notable software additions for the Nokia Lumia buyers.

Nokia Drive is Nokia’s free turn by turn navigation app that delivers on Nokia’s notable mapping prowess. Shares alot if functionality with Bing’s Local Scout feature. Its exclusive to Nokia Windows Phones.

Nokia Maps is bringing 2D & 3D offline map support. Couple that with Ovi Mapping software and you have a winner.

Mix Radio is a separate music app to Zune marketplace. It includes Smart Dj-like playlist features and numerous channels and mp3 store to add to your collection. This is notable because it helps provide non-US residents with a fully stocked music store and features that the Zune Marketplace doesn’t offer everywhere.

There was also an app called Nokia Pulse that looks to connect you with your friends in an effortless and private way. Its like a supercharged version of Windows Phone group feature.