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Nokia’s Pulse App Available In Marketplace For All Phones

Simply awesome. Nokia showed off some stellar hardware today but there was also a lot of software. It was marketed as though the software was a selling point for Nokia hardware but it looks like they’re opening up the software to all devices. What is Pulse? It’s something that Microsoft should integrate directly into the OS:

Nokia Pulse brings your everyday conversations to life by automatically tagging photos and updates with your location. Every conversation, from pickups and drop-offs to meet-ups, is as instant, private, and simple as sending a text, but far more useful and engaging.

Nokia Pulse is integrated with Maps, so finding people nearby, discovering new places, and getting directions is a snap.

Group Conversations:
Keep it Private. Keep it Personal. Keep it Real.

  • Private check in – All your conversations stay private and safe
  • Photo check in – Automatically tag your location to all your photo updates
  • Private by default – No complicated privacy settings needed

Live Places:
One tap and they know where you are. Two taps to get you there.

  • Bring your favorite places to life – Post a favorite place to a conversation
  • Discover what’s nearby – Make and view recommendations of nearby places of interest
  • Getting there is a snap – Get directions directly from the recommended place

Your People:
Your Family. Your People. You Decide.

  • Instant – Receive instant on-device notifications of all new updates
  • Open – Everyone with an email address can participate
  • Easy – Sending and receiving messages with Nokia Pulse is as easy as SMS
  • Powered by the cloud – Your conversations are saved in the cloud for as long as you need them
  • Accessible from anywhere – Nokia Pulse is available on multiple touch-points (desktop web, mobile web, WP7 and Symbian devices)

And it’s free. Check it out here. I hope MS ties this intot he OS but also merges this with We’re In since this already has more potential…they also need to merge Messenger and Skype into this so they have some work ahead of them but you can see the potential here.

via LiveSide

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