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Nom Nom Worm Hits Windows Phone Marketplace

imageElbert Perez (think Impossible Shoota, Fishing Girl, Quadra…) has a new game out (for free as usual). This one is called Nom Nom Worm:

The Nom Nom Worm is hungry! Hurry and feed the poor nom Nom Worm However, the Puffers loom around the feeding ground, wanting to be friends with Nom Nom Worm. However they have very pointy ends that can spell the end for Nom Nom Worm if they touch him.

– Use the phone’s accelerometer to control Nom nom Worm

– Post your high score on global leaderboards

– Fun gameplay that everyone in the family can enjoy

– perfect time waster for your busy life

I’m downloading it now but based on his track record, expect this one to be a fun and well put together time waster.