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Nova Launcher and TeslaUnread: A match made in heaven

Nova Launcher and TeslaUnread A match made in heaven

The ability to change your launcher in android has long been a favorite feature of mine, this ability is at the heart of android’s customizability flag often waved by the platform. Too much of a choice becomes a problem at this point, there are an overwhelming amount of launchers to choose from, all adding their own look and feel.

I was first introduced to Nova Launcher on a custom rom for my SGII, I was immediately intrigued. It had a super clean look and a good amount of 3D flare that was not over done. Google’s $0.25 offer a few weeks ago sealed the deal for me, this is pretty much the only launcher I’ll use now.

Thanks to Androidpolice I stumbled upon another offering from the makers of Nova Launcher. This one is called TeslaUnread, the idea is simple, a little counter at the bottom of icons to let you know you have unread events. Perfect! An already strong launcher experience gets even better!  Give them both a try if you’re looking to give your Android device a fresh feel!