LeftOutI’ve been out of the most recent rendition of the Windows Phone party for a long time with my Lumia 900.  Let’s skip all the anger and frustration and just put that all behind us now.  Now that I’m new to the WP8 game help me populate my device with the awesomeness I’ve been hearing about but mostly trying to ignore to avoid fits of violent rage and phone hucking. I warn you though; when you comment I get your email and IP address and if one of you even mentions instagram, snapchat, or any other such frivolities you will be punished (probably not but spare me the shitty apps.  I’m not a teenage girl posting selfies to quasi social networks.)

To give you guys some direction on this, I dig beer, working out, Dungeons and Dragons (don’t judge), Reddit, obviously I’m sort of into mobility news and electronics, RPG games like Dragon’s Blade and Heroes of Larkwood, Hockey (Please find me a good Hockey app!  ESPN hub sucks.) and pretty much anything that’s unique and interesting.  Show me what you’ve got.




For Simmons
For Simmons


  1. Bing Health
    Baconit (reddit)
    WP7 News for all things windows
    Most of the Bing apps are good – Bing Sports, Weather, Finance, News
    Most of the Nokia apps are also good – all their camera, GPS/map and mix music

  2. AppoinTile
    Sysapp Pusher
    CloudSix (DropBox if you use it)
    Nokia HERE Maps, Drive+ and HERE Explore with Livesight
    Nokia AppSocial
    Windows Phone Central
    Bing News
    Amazing Weather HD
    Any and all Nokia camera apps
    Network Speed Test
    Moliplayer Pro
    Office Lens
    Office Remote
    Preview for Developers

  3. Really like your blog. I read it everyday. I would suggest you trying out some of my apps (and maybe write a review as well :D). I tried to use all the unique features of Windows Phone in those apps.
    Group Tiles – Create elegant separators for your start screen
    Speak Reminder – A simple and offline version of Cortana for reminder ;P
    TED Mobile – Viewing TED talks with subtitle and offline downloading

    Hope that you enjoy Windows Phone 8 and these apps.

  4. You can dload
    bing sports
    Nokia CreativeStudio
    UC Browser
    Asphalt 7/8
    Office lens
    Chicken cant fly
    Tiny planets pro

  5. Mehdoh
    App Folder
    Nokia Beamer
    Photo Beamer
    Film Closet
    Lists & Things
    Package Tracker
    53 Days to Go
    HERE Drive+
    HERE Maps
    HERE City Lens
    NHL Scores & Alerts
    Share Folder
    Notes Pro
    Urban Dictionary

  6. Hardware Tests has a cool live tile that shows your connections and their speed. It also shows you you available storage, internal and SD card (if you have one) it also shows your remaining battery.
    I am having fun with Glance screen Text, and Glance screen Background.
    Moli Player Pro was good for music videos on my SD card, but now it wants me to buy before I can continue to use it.
    Angry Birds Go is a fun racing game with excellent control over the car.

  7. For NHL, I use NHL My Team. It gives you good information about your favourite team, as well as the rest of the league.

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