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Now that I’m finally in the world of WP8, help a brother out…

LeftOutI’ve been out of the most recent rendition of the Windows Phone party for a long time with my Lumia 900.  Let’s skip all the anger and frustration and just put that all behind us now.  Now that I’m new to the WP8 game help me populate my device with the awesomeness I’ve been hearing about but mostly trying to ignore to avoid fits of violent rage and phone hucking. I warn you though; when you comment I get your email and IP address and if one of you even mentions instagram, snapchat, or any other such frivolities you will be punished (probably not but spare me the shitty apps.  I’m not a teenage girl posting selfies to quasi social networks.)

To give you guys some direction on this, I dig beer, working out, Dungeons and Dragons (don’t judge), Reddit, obviously I’m sort of into mobility news and electronics, RPG games like Dragon’s Blade and Heroes of Larkwood, Hockey (Please find me a good Hockey app!  ESPN hub sucks.) and pretty much anything that’s unique and interesting.  Show me what you’ve got.




For Simmons
For Simmons