Yes, you heard it right. Last time in my rant about Google Glass here on I said some of the business already banned Google Glass from their premise even before it was released into the wild. Now it is hilarious that the mother ship of Google Glass banned it from Annual Shareholder’s meeting. Yahoo! Finance quotes the instructions to Google shareholders for their Thursday’s 2013 annual meeting says “Cameras, recording devices, and other electronic devices, such as smart phones, will not be permitted at the meeting. Photography is prohibited at the meeting.”


Few of my Googliar friends wont accept that Google Glass would kill the privacy and they bring this stupid reason saying you could film anything in the public places, while that is true, when I am filming I am focused to filming, not driving and filming.



I think there will be even more businesses and public places that would ban Google Glasses once it is mass released.

Source: Yahoo! Finance


  1. Can you sit down and try to brainstorm something less vapid than “googliar” to deride me? You can do better.

    People tend to record things surreptitiously with less conspicuous devices that they are more likely to own, like their phone. You know? Google also acknowledged that there are plenty of situations in which wearing these things would be inappropriate. Like a private business meeting, like a public bathroom, you know, common sense stuff.

    But +1 for your creativity into turning Google not wanting some shareholder meeting to be recorded and made public into rampant danger on the road.

    What kind of automotive pussy are you anyway, writing a zillion Google Glass articles about driving safety? If you had spent the same time taking some defensive driving course instead, you’d be much better off. Besides, no one’s going to buy these things other than a handful of nerds and advertising executives, and even fewer will wear them in public. “Mass released,” heck, I bet I am more likely to see a Windows Phone in the wild one day before I see a pair of these, ain’t that right? Can you please tell me why this product concerns you more than everything combined?

    You car pussy.

  2. Yo! I don’t have anything against Google Glass, and I love technology, so I care about Google Glass. But I have encountered “enough” drivers who pay attention to their mobile device than the road and I were not defensively driving, I would have been banged. I also escaped close encounters with people, who text/email while walking on their phones at local malls. Probably you haven’t met one otherwise you wouldn’t have talked about that. I have seen a lot of pretty woman who make-up at intersections, but I think that is less dangerous than these.

    And regarding Windows Phone in the wild, just wait I think you will see not one a good number shortly. WP already is crushing BB, iPhone is next. After that what, your lover boy Page has to pack his backpack. Well I am exaggerating with last one, but your lover boy Page and co already lost control on Google, and if one monopoly case agasint their mobile search goes into court sessions and they get a 10 year term of DoJ sitting on their heads, wouldn’t that be funny anyway? Yep, your other lover Eric Schmidt goes out of Google, it will automatically meet DoJ. I am done.

  3. > your lover boy Page
    Loverboy? I’ve seen *one* youtube clip of him, I didn’t even know it was him (figured it out after he had spoken abstractly for a long time) because I’d never seen a picture, and until then I had a negative impression of him as based on my not having any familiarity of the man he probably isn’t that remarkable, but I listened to his speech and found it moving. Loverboy? Because he’s CEO? Do I accuse you of loving Ballmer because you are a Microsoft enthusiast? No. You can like Microsoft and various aspects of it while wishing Bill Gates were still at the helm. Loverboy, come on. He gave a speech, I liked five minutes of it in particular, I googled up his health conditions, that’s as far as he and I go.

    > iPhone is next
    No it’s not. It’s not, and you know it.

    > DoJ
    Not sure what you’re referring to specifically, but whatever it is, just like Microsoft and AT&T, Google will continue to do just fine.

    > other lover Eric Schmidt goes out of Google
    Ever consider that it could be Eric Schmidt whom I truly love, and not Google?

    > that is less dangerous
    Maybe not. I admit to fiddling with my GPS apps hanging off the windshield, flipping between Waze and Google Maps for example, messing with the AC and radio and so forth in manners that make my wife understandably uncomfortable. If I could do these things without taking my eyes off the road, hands off the wheel without shifting around, you don’t think that would be helpful in terms of reducing danger to me and others? I’ve had a few occasions where I’ve been driving behind obviously very drunk drivers drifting excessively far onto the wrong side of the road. If I had these things on me I would have said “Okay Glass record,” or whatever, and called the cops, then email the cops the evidence, all while keeping my hands on the wheel and eyes on, or at least toward, the road. However, I do agree that these would not help me put on my makeup, but I’m sure the XDA crowd will figure out a hack.

    Your concerns are wildly overstated. Not to mention how big a hit you seem to think these will be. The only time I’d feel marginally comfortable wearing a set of these is on Halloween or if I attended some nerd convention. Or, perhaps, while driving. If I want to rob you of your privacy in the MobilityDigest staff locker room, I’d stick to holding my phone furtively by my hip, not stare at you with this (unless you were into it).

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