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NYC Drag Race: T-Mobile vs AT&T

Just my T-Mobile Nexus S (effing love it), got my AT&T Nexus One still, time to get to the bottom of who kicks whose ass on the most important island in the world. New Yorkers out there, hit me with a few requests of where to do some speed tests (within Metrocard range), preferably areas you know to suck chronically either with AT&T or T-Mobile or both. Or any carrier for that matter.

I guess what I’ll try to do is go to a handful of locations with both phones and a camera, hold the two phones in front of me, starting by aiming at a street sign and then my watch or whatever for proof, and video the speed tests with the camera and then do screenshots for good measure and post the results.

Kind of tricky, holding three expensive devices conspicuously both due to theft exposure and for elevated terroristic suspicions (we’re still sensitive about that in my city, seeing water coolers full of water or anything potentially weird), but damnit I want the truth and I ain’t tryin’ to hear no photoshopping accusations from you AT&T apologists and your anecdotal bullshit.

So hit me with a few right now, want to get this done in the interests of not paying two phone bills. Guess I’ll start with Times Square which has never not sucked with AT&T. Also if you have any reason to believe I shouldn’t run both tests simultaneously even with full signals on each phone, speak now. Also speak now if the video thing is unnecessary, if you trust me not to lie about which did which, where and when, unless you think the video would make for better entertainment.

Doug Simmons