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Oct 11: MS Officially Announces WP7 – We’re There, Got Questions?

You probably know that Monday is THE day that Microsoft is going to announce the consumer availability of Windows Phone 7 and we expect to have confirmation of the sales date and see the actual final hardware and software. Our very own Ramon Trotman will be attending and hitting us up with real time updates via Twitter and of course an occasional post when he can get it all together. All in all, we’re all jealous of him (especially the 7pm cocktail hour which follows Xbox Kinect).

From the sound of things, there should be plenty of time for him to play with actual devices and talk to MS employees who are finally free to answer questions. So, if you have questions feel free to leave a comment here and assuming Ramon stays sober we’ll try to get you answers.

Remember that Monday is Columbus Day, so just sit at your computer, follow us on Twitter and live vicariously through Ramon…