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Oddwerx Smartphone Robot for iPhone and Android on Kickstarter

These are cool, at least I think so but then again I like the goofy stuff that’s out there. Here’s a way to make your mobile phone truly mobile, it’s a robot base that your phone sits on and moves around autonomously. It’s on Kickstarter so there’s plenty of donation options to choose from. If I had the extra cash I’d donate because I think I want one…

The problem with most mobile phones is that they truly are not mobile. The Oddwerx Autonomous Smartphone Robot, solves this problem by turning an iPhone or Android phone into an autonomous robot. Oddwerx is the brainchild of OLogic, Inc of Sunnyvale, California. Oddwerx offers support for the most advanced robotics R&D projects such as ROS from Willow Garage, Cloud Robotics from, and the Google Cellbots project. Oddwerx is modular, multiplatform, small, wireless, extendable and hackable, with a developer library to allow for anyone to develop sociable robots.

OLogic chose Kickstarter because it is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. Ted Larson, CEO and Co-Founder of OLogic, was asked to comment on the timing of the Kickstarter launch and he responded “OLogic needed to raise some capital to fund the tooling for the robot, and Kickstarter is the perfect venue. It offers the ability to pre-sell finished robots based on the design and prototypes alone, and creates an instant customer base when the product is complete. It also allows OLogic to market test demand for the product before it is produced.”

When Bob Allen, COO and Co-Founder of OLogic was asked about the strategy behind Oddwerx he said “With the rise of the smartphone, it makes sense to leverage the computing power consumers already own by offering compelling products that just turn their smartphone into a mobile robotic platform. OLogic is looking to revolutionize consumer robotics using smartphones and has developed a pipeline of brands to take advantage of this new operating paradigm.”

The Kickstarter funding period for the Oddwerx Smartphone Robot, lasts 30 days, and anyone can participate by pledging their support via ( Various pledge levels entitle the participants to everything from a mention on the Oddwerx Blog ( to a completed Oddwerx robot ready to be paired with your phone.

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