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“Official” Facebook App for your phone!

Its only “Official” because its not really released officially, but it is the Facebook App from Da_G’s Windows Mobile 6.5 Rom and it runs GREAT!  So if you’ve been using those other self-made Facebook apps, look no further and give a try to the real deal! The program runs VERY nice and smooth.  It takes a few seconds to cache for the first time, but other than that it works VERY nicely.

It is NOT Fuze specific! It has been tested on VGA, QVGA and WQVGA.

There is no Facebook Chat though, so if you’re looking for that feature, try FacebookIM by blutz.

Download the file from XDA here.

Follow the Conversations in our Forum here.

Read on after the break for some screenshots!

The 4 colored dots you see on the images it the WinMo6.5 “wait” cursor.

Thanks also to jug6ernaut over at XDA for posting this and for these great screenshots.

image image image