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Official Youtube App for WinMo By GOOGLE!

Dont want to use the built-in YouTube app on your HTC phone? Dont have a HTC Phone that has the YouTube App on it? Think the standard YouTube app is slow or not good? Well then look no further! With the help of Google and Microsoft there is a new YouTube App that seems to be running Silverlight!

Notice the new icon in the image. It installs the link at “Youtube.lnk” so i renamed it so it would look better.  But the icon actually looks a little pixilated.  But other than that its pretty slick.  BUT when playing a movie and exiting it locks my menus in lanscape… which is WEIRD! Oh and dont worry about the blank space… that’ll come later…

It seems to be very finger friendly and also runs a lot faster than the version that came on my Fuze.  The best part is that it warns you that “YouTube streams a lot of data while playing videos.” so Yes be sure you have a data-Plan.

Problems Found:

1 – screws up your orientation when quitting while playing a video

2 – CRAZY small menu (see pictures below for both)

3 – Sometimes you cant go back to the main screen after starting a video.  So be sure its the one you want to play!

Check below for pictures of the installation and browsing some videos and also the bugs that I found.  And follow along in our Forums.

Via WMExperts






In the landscape picture, see that little line in the top right under the “X” for Youtube? That is the “Back” button that you’re supposed to press… but you cant. Then you get stuck in Landscape when you dont want to be. (the pic below on the right is what it should be.)