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MobilityLeaks: Why RT Fails

David K: Look at this. Same price as RT, better specs. Yeah you still need to buy office…got that and that is a real number but still everyone compares price tags and these cheap pro tablets are where it’s at.

Ram: To me, RT is a backup plan of Microsoft’s hidden agenda. What if Intel fails …

Stephen: I agree with you. Initially I saw RT as the future, but looking at how deliberately limited it is since it doesn’t have any of the legacy application support that is still necessary or desired for most users, domain join support, or even some of the legacy Microsoft apps like Media Center and Media Player. Now I can see that it is really just a way of prodding Intel along and saying “hey, if you don’t get it together we’ll take this all the way and let Qualcomm, nVidia, and whoever else wants to make ARM chipsets in.”
I just hope it works, because if Intel calls their bluff and the other chipset makers don’t come through with better ARM SoCs in the next year or two, Intel could end their decades-long partnership with Microsoft and just make x64 chips for Apple instead.

Stephen: I know that’s a bit far-fetched, but Microsoft has been pushing Intel around so much over the last 5 years or so that I have to wonder what the final straw will be, if it happens. I’ve been noticing ever since Intel faced competition in the mobile space and Microsoft didn’t choose their chipset over Qualcomm’s for Windows Phone that the Wintel relationship seems to have soured. I’d say that unlike 10 or 20 years ago, it only persists today out of Intel’s need for the business, rather than Microsoft’s need for their chips.

Danny: In a few years when every relevant piece of software is available in Win-8 app form, and ARM chips are better, RT will be by far the superior platform, I think. It’s a long way off though, obviously.

David K: Not sure why ARM is better. ARM needs more power. Intel needs more efficiency. This is just setting up fragmentation…there I said it.

Ram: Intel screwed Microsoft while Microsoft was facing Monopoly case. during those court sessions, Intel’s then VP cried foul in the court. Also Intel started using Linux for their labs and encouraged Linux by joining the foundation. It was Intel who brought that to themselves.

David K: Someone want to drop this into a post?

Doug Simmons: Yeah I’ll do it, though I want to see what happens if I do it without the formatting and goofy pictures, or my own witty contributions. I have a feeling that like the RT it will fall flat but I should probably actually read some of what you guys wrote to each other before making such a declaration.