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Where are the apps you promised me? Microsoft’s cross-platform dreams aren’t reality

Every few months we hear (again) that Microsoft has aligned their code base and made it so easy for devs to write cross platform that any Windows 8 – Windows Phone dev will just be jumping at the opportunity to write for the platforms. And then that doesn’t actually work out because there’s still no APIs across the board. Again we’re hearing that Microsoft is getting closer to unifying it’s code base to make it even easier to write once but as of today – I’m app-less. Windows 8 still doesn’t have a lot of the huge apps that are on other mobile platforms. And when an app comes out for Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8 that doesn’t guaranty that it comes to the other.

They need to get serious, have Windows, Xbox and Windows Phone on the same base code with the ability to write-once and run anywhere. And they need to get me my damn apps. Don’t tell me aps are over-rated. They are and the web is a gap filler but it doesn’t fill all gaps.

Aahh rant over.