So my wife and I are on a Family Even More 750mins no text for $60 plus 2x 5GB premium data (“unlimited”)  for $30 each plus taxes and all that other crap, the contract has expired. I’ve been itching to get a Nexus 4, and she’s been itching for anything as she broke her Nexus S and has since been stuck on my AT&T-banded Nexus One, so getting only 2G, she wants a GS3 because it’s white but I want her to have a Nexus 4 because it’s a Nexus and so forth.

Also, and this is really important to me, I want to port my number to Google Voice and have actually been waiting a year or two until a contract renewal to do that, right, and here’s my shot maybe. That’s the situation, basically, as I understand it.

So we go to a local T-Mobile joint to see if we can get free Nexus 4s (no, just for new customers, oh well), and the guy says that we can save a ton if we switch to some sort of value plan and buy each phone for $20 a month each for 20 months (lol), also give her a tethering plan as she tethers her Nexus 7 on her train rides – I won’t be doing that until T-Mobile busts us for tethering (or not…).

What’s our best move here in terms of plan modification, getting my number safely ported to Google Voice without the pain of ETF and preferably no activation fee or interruption, and getting some phones? I’d ask the salesman only but, I don’t know, he felt pushy and neglected to mention a few things, like if my wife goes over her 2GB on the $10 plan she’ll still have at least 2G and can modify the plan at any time. What do we do here? Switch to this value plan and pay for the phones outright either from T-Mo or Google Play, wait for the price to come down on eBay? Thank you thank you.

Doug Simmons


  1. 2 words: switch to Boost Mobile bro, don’t renew that tmo shit

    and get something with Beats Audio, you and your fly girl, that’s the shit NASA and the CIA use

  2. I made the big switch for my wife and her grandma after I got a company supplied phone. T mobile wanted me to get there value plan which was a good deal but it required a 2 year contract that didn’t include a hardware subsidy. Blew my mind that they want us to sign a contract without the benefit of a good discount on phone hardware. They had other plans that offered a subsidy but they were not as good as the value plan. Anyway her grandma got the prepaid plan for $30, 1000 minutes or texts combo. I got straight talk for my wife because she was worried about tmobile coverage. Straight talk is a AT&T and tmobile mnvo. $45 a month for unlimited talk text and 2 gb data 3G. It’s ok but if drop the company phone I will give tmobile a shot first. From what I understand if you use all your data for tmobile you just get throttled to edge.

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