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Olympics 2012 And Other WP7 Concept Apps Revealed

Ergonomidesign is a Microsoft partner to design WP7 apps.

We have quickly sketched up a series of possible concepts, utilizing the crisp and concise Metro design language. The content is presented and consumed in an ‘authentically digital’ manner. Experiences are interwoven with the user’s lifestyle in ways that make the ‘apps’ intuitive, emotionally rich and fun to use. In these concepts, we have probed various possibilities within hubs, tiles and pivots for the different ‘apps’ we propose.

Take a look at this Olympics app that’s great looking and once again, a very interesting and compelling way to look at real time events. It’s a short clip but worth a watch to see real time results and how you can ‘watch’ the games on your phone.

And here’s a commuting app (I left their promotions in the background – seems fair:))

This one looks like a wine region/tasting app (again using panoramic controls)

and let’s do a cocktail app

The goal was to show off WP7 app design and the mission was a success! 🙂