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OMG My Phone Almost Updated Itself!

It’s always been laughable that Microsoft included an option to check for updates in settings since it’s never been utilized. Well since the Pure has a hotfix available I figured I’d see if it could be picked up from the phone so I went to Settings – System – AT&T Software Updates and shockingly it found an update. Then I tried to install it and seemingly nothing happened and then I got a text that it failed to work.I repeated a few times, soft reset, toggled the proxy…same result each time. Pics of both are attached. Anyone get it to work? This is the first time I’ve ever seen the notifications even begin to work. Of course, this is still a far cry from the phone telling me that there’s an update available without the user needing to do anything…and of course it didn’t actually install any updated. But hey, it’s baby steps, right? 🙂