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Possible Blackberry Z10 Specs

If you can decrypt my god awful use of hash tags, 15 year old lingo and LOL’isk terminology, then kudos to you, pat yourself on the back! Certainly by now you know me, and if you know me well you’ve known my stance on BlackBerry for quite some time. Well, things are changing around here, I would first like to issue a public apology to the good folks at RIM, and then proceed to offer my blessings in their current endeavors.

Why? lets take a look at my notepad. First off, status symbol! Gone are they days when someone would see you with a particular device and automatically assume you were someone important. For my own self amusement and foolish pride, I would much like to see those days retuned. Ya see, only the money making folk carried a “BlueBerries” in one hand and a Starbucks coffee in the other.  And when you ran into this person, you glanced at the floor when they made eye contact, because you instantly knew they were more important than you! HA! I need that back! Instead, what do I see? Kids, parents, grand parents and random no bodies in between, walking around with an iPhone, all sitting up in Starbucks clamming to have some sort of a life and/or writing career.

Next on the pad, eco-system (I got it right this time Marti! HA!) How can we be freed from this eco-system slavery that shows no signs of slowing down?! Have you met Web OS, I’m sure you haven’t, but let me be the last to tell you, it was simply genius without the bar! Have you met Windows Phone, maybe you have, let me be the one to tell you, Microsoft did it correct this time around. What do the two have a common? They are neither Android nor are they iOS. What does that mean, simple, If it doesn’t have 750,000 – 1,000,000 apps, then it does not exist. This my friends, is a digital crime in the making, mass murder even.

And last on the list, something new that has nothing to do with anything else, again! I say again because this is pretty much what Windows Phone has delivered, but still, there seems to be no love in the shark tank for the new kids on the block. In fact, the pundits and super correct analysts of the day, would have the two new comers fight to the death in a pit some where off to the left where no one would care. This is WRONG!

There shouldn’t be a “there can only be three” mindset running around, instead, how about we fight for our consumer right to invoke competition and start screaming to the forces at be “WE WANT MORE THAN 2!!!!” Ya see, Google is quickly figuring out what looks a lot less ugly, coupled with their know how of how to make things work, this could be dangerous, they could hope the moon and run away with the spoon. That is NOT what we want. Apple is quickly losing their magic (rest in peace my dear Steve Jobs,) although, they are still the poster child for modern day technology done right, this is a crown they will find much more difficult to hold onto in the coming years. Microsoft is fighting an up hill battle where every one loves Windows Phone, but the cool thing to do is to hate it. And then, there is the savior of an industry, RIM!

I envision a world where RIM takes back the corporate client, where BYOD (bring your own device) falls flat on its face and IT Pros take back their enterprise environments! They will turn to RIM to provide enterprise solutions like know no one else could, this also means RIM would give up this silly dream of capturing the consumer! In my dream, RIM is comfortable in their skin, being the important man’s device, and the important man is happy to have them back. In this world, Windows Phone and iOS land on equal playing fields. With enterprise far out of reach, Apple will be forced to find the idiots they once wooed and keep them happy with shiny and white everything! By winning back my mother, her mother and my some day son, Apple would have taken some steam away from the mounting super power that is Google, thus leaving Android for the crowd it truly belonged to; the super geek who can’t flash enough or the super cheap who just doesn’t like paying for anything. And what of my beloved Microsoft? Well, Microsoft will be squarely in the middle spending billions of dollars to complete on all play fields like they usually do, and that fine with me. In this world, Apple is the rightful owner of the consumer, Android captures the hearts of forward thinkers, Blackberry returns the important to the important business man and Microsoft does what they do some where in the middle, just like the old days!

So ya see, I am not team Blackberry because I love the brand, I am team Blackberry because we NEED them to win! If they could only get a foot in the door and completely dismantle the “there is no enough room for four, there is barely room for three” arguments aboard, balance could be restored to the force. We could all once again be making device decisions based on personal and business necessities and/or functionally, and not app store totals.

Hey, a guy can dream!