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Omniano The Band Now Includes a Drum

Just a few weeks ago a version of Omniano was released that let you use your phone as a piano. Well since then the application has been updated (partly by now being called Omniano The Band) and now you can play the drum as well. I don’t know how to play the drums at all, but that didn’t stop me from waking up my wife:) As you can see there are 14 different drums (some are cymbals) and you can change the style as well between pop, rock, jazz, hiphop and techno. Also, the piano application has been updated to change the interface and you can  now play chords among other updates.

The application can be downloaded from here but note that it’s a large file (over 13megs zipped and 18 megs when unzipped as a cab) so I recommend installing this to a storage card. Ok so get the boys together and start making some piano and drum music:)

via xda