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On Your Radar Screen

Back in July, I introduced you to RadarLove!, a weather radar app for tracking storm and predicting weather in your area. I found that it worked well, though the images weren’t that sharp. Plus you had to select the radar station from which to get your latest weather images.

I just found another app, GPS Weather Radar that might solve both issues at our friends over at Here’s a very complimentary review of the app that has since had an update with improvements:

“We ran across a nifty weather application called GPS Weather Radar that’s been developed by XDA Developer’s Forum member avs777. It may very well be one of the most useful weather radar applications I’ve run across.  If you travel and need access to the weather, this is one application you may not want to leave home without.


The concept is simple, use your phone’s GPS to identify your position, then pull up the closest radar site to your location. GPS Weather Radar allows you to zoom in (or out) on the radar image, loop the image, switch between radar, satellite IR, and satellite visible.

GPS Weather Radar will remember your last five GPS coordinates under the Settings Menu. If you’re unable to get a GPS fix, you can enter your location manually as well. So far, it’s been a very stable application with no hang-ups, hiccups or lock-ups experienced.  You will need .Net 3.5 running on your Windows Mobile (professional) phone.

I like GPS Weather Radar a tad better than using my web browser to pull up radar off a weather site because it takes you directly to the radar. If I’m traveling, I don’t have to enter the local zip code then choose the local radar. All I have to do with GPS Weather Radar is tap "Update Location + Radar" and the app does the rest. Unless you update your location, GPS Weather Radar will return to your last recorded location.”

I just tested it out myself and it works great (though here in the Bay Area there isn’t a cloud in the sky).

Note: This app does collect data from satellites, so it will draw on your data plan.

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