I was just reading an article on TNW  regarding some data from Canalys, an independent analysis firm. The article highlights the number of top iPad apps that are currently not available for Android tablets via Google Play.

Sure that’s interesting stuff, but that’s not what caught my eye. This did though. Canalys Senior Analyst Tim Shepherd said in a statement. “That there are over 375,000 apps in the Apple App Store that are designed with iPad users in mind, versus just a fraction of this – in the low tens of thousands – available through Google Play…”

TNW adds, “While it is estimated the last quarter saw more Android tablets ship than iPads, the app ecosystem on Google’s platform has yet to catch up to Apple’s”.

So, what is is. Are apps important for an ecosystem? Or not? Can’t have it both ways. Is it possible that price might be a factor here? Or maybe people just love Google more than they love Apple. Not sure, but the next time someone brings up the app war, I am going to put my hand over my mouth and clear my throat with a well directed “bullshit”.



  1. I was looking for Widgets an music control apps in the Windows phone store.
    I read several times that “It is a limitation of the Windows OS, so don’t ask for it in the app”
    That has me worried about adopting Windows Phone as a full time device. I want it to do things that the developers says it can’t do.
    I was looking to replace my beloved Windows Mobile OS, so Android was the logical choice for me. Apple was never a consideration for me.
    So, No. It was not about the apps for me. It is about the OS capabilities.

  2. I love the .01% of people who say “it doesn’t wiggle in the background” type of nonsense. Sorry but the engineering resources alone would outweigh that small a number for a particular feature.

    I had an Android tablet and no amount of apps could negate the nagging feeling that the OS is bland. Yes it is customizable but there is no joy moving around the OS. My days as a tinkerer are over and I now much prefer something that delivers me a nice selection of apps that look and perform well.

    • I said “Widgets”
      Like toggle buttons. Not links to setting pages.
      Music controls I can pin to the Start screen. Not 3rd party apps to play through and do not provide multi tasking.
      It is fun to have Live Wallpaper to show off, but I could live without it.
      I want easy functionality, not multiple button presses to turn on Airplane mode or skip a track.
      And while we are talking about apps, WP8 does not have an app to connect with my “Smart” Bluetooth headset, losing half of it’s functionality.
      While I agree that tinkering gets old, I do less of it with android than I did with WinMo, but WP8 does not have enough to satisfy all of my “wants”
      Thanks for the opportunity to clarify.

      • Music controls.
        I do like the almost persistant music controls in WP8 that pop up when you press the volume button, I think on any screen. But they do not stay long enough, and you cannot pin them to the Start screen. This makes using the phone while driving impossible. My wife now has an MP3 player in the car to play music. Yet another device, memory card, charging cord, and OS. Something the phone should be used for but can’t due to the OS limitations.

  3. I also have an Android tablet. It is useless for much more than eye candy on the web. I have no apps installed on it.
    I have a laptop running Windows 8. I have no apps installed on it. I use it for burning CDs and downloading music. Or when I am tired of working on the TabPhone screen and want to complete a task quickly.
    They both collect dust and suck on my electric bill.
    I have a spare WP8 device I play with sometimes, mostly to see if I want to adopt the OS full time if a WP8 TabPhone is released in the near future.
    My next device will need to replace ALL of my other devices.

  4. So the question still stands. When going out to buy a; smartphone, tablet or laptop/desktop, is app availability the highest priority? Is it in the top three of selection criteria? Top five? Or not even considered.

    I have worked on a number of laptops and they usually don’t have anything installed except for the built-in stuff, plus some freeware that was typically auto-downloaded. Have also handled friends tablets and smartphones that barely had anything installed. I get the feeling that apps, like specs, are priorities for a very small segment of the purchasing population. But the lack of either still makes it to the front page, which influences buyers, although they really have no idea what any of it means.

  5. I like apps, and appreciate them for what they are. But I will never let apps, let alone andy ONE app determine a purchase for me. The app craze is something staretd with the iphone and it’s unfortunate that every other OS is measured by the number of apps that ios has, while never acknowledging just how garbage and pointless most of the apps are.
    My choice in devices is pretty much strictly OS related. I’m not going to let something that is free or at the most $1.99 determine my +$100 choices.

  6. My only problem right now is with the Android stock browser. It keeps crashing on certain sites. Even 3rd party browsers. 95% of my device use is in the browser.
    Because of this I started looking at Windows Phone. I liked IE back in the WinMo days. But WP8 leaves me wanting, even if the browser works.
    For the past few days I have been trying 3rd party browsers again, and they seem to have fixed the force close issue. Stock browser still crashes.
    This is good news for me, because it means I can stay with Android.
    I like all the extras. This is one of my only toys.
    Yes, I called it a “Toy” not a business tool. Though I can use it to do all of my business, when needed.
    I would choose the SNote3 over the HTC ONE MAX today because of Samsung’s software optimization. But not having seen either device yet, I have not made a solid choice. And these are not the only 5″+ devices I am considering.
    So, Yes. Software and apps are part of my consideration when choosing my next device. But just as important is functionality of the device overall.

    PS. When it was WinMo, Before the iPhone, I spent just as much time looking though GetJar and XDA for “cab files” etc.. as I do today looking through Google play for “Apps”

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