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Opera 10 Is Here!

Opera keeps finding ways to improve on an already great mobile browser. The folks in Olso have just released a beta version of Opera 100 for Windows Mobile phones. Here’s what Opera has to say for itself:

10 ways that Opera Mobile 10 works for you


  1. Intuitive new interface Opera has thrown out the clutter and is keeping it simple in terms of aesthetics. Less is more when it comes to mobile browsing.
  2. Speed Dial Speed Dial serves as your personal table of contents for the Web. Your favorite sites welcome you upon launching Opera, and in one click, you are there.
  3. Tabbed browsing Open new links in multiple tabs to bounce between sites easily.
  4. Password manager Save those annoying passwords with Opera’s password manager, or if you are feeling vulnerable, simply and swiftly delete all.
  5. Touchscreen navigation Opera Mobile 10 beta is optimized for touchscreen navigation. With a touchscreen phone, you can enjoy even easier navigation with our new adaptive zoom feature, kinetic scrolling, and visual tab thumbnails.
  6. Save images Select and save your friends’ Facebook pictures to your phone for offline viewing later.
  7. Opera Turbo Offload your page rendering to one of Opera’s servers, and reduce your data costs.
  8. Advanced compatibility Since Opera Mobile 10 beta is based on Opera’s browser for desktop computers, it maintains advanced Web-site compatibility and ensures that nearly any site is accessible from a mobile phone.
  9. Smooth surfing Pan, zoom and smoothly scroll your way through the Web.
  10. It is free! Opera Mobile 10 beta for Windows Mobile is available as a free download at or (for phone download).

Remember that it is still in beta, so it’s a bit buggy. Here’s a link to a video on that shows you how it works.