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HTC ONE X+ Coming to Tmobile Soon with all 1.7Ghz of Glory

Tmonews is reporting that they have some very credible evidence that the HTC one X+ is coming to Tmobile sometime in September. The phone is currently called HTC Era 42 on tmobile system. No news on the price or anything just a screen shot of the name HTC Era 42 in Tmobile system and some of Tmonews’ sources confirming that it is the HTC One X+. If you have not heard about the one x+ it is thought to have a tegra 3 chipset with a 1.7ghz quad core and it is definetly going to be one step higher than the HTC one X that is currently offered on ATT. Here is some information on HTC one X and Quad Core Tegra 3. So keep your eyes out for another high end, beast of a device from HTC soon.

[Via Tmonews]