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Opera Mini 6 for iOS: iPad & Retina display ready

So, after waiting for a whole year to hear the word “update” for Opera Mini iOS version, what we have here? Opera Mini 6 featuring speed dial, password manager, visual tabs, faster page loading. Nah, now that has become a standard set of features. The updated version of Opera Mini is Retina display & iPad ready. That is, now pictures, texts look more crisper on Opera Mini 6. And if you use Opera Mini on an iPad, you will see a new tablet-specific UI, making Opera Mini 6 an universal iOS app.

Other features:

  • Much faster and smoother panning and zooming that lets the user get all the way into the details of every page, in one smooth motion
  • Share buttons to share the love for a site to your friends on My Opera, Facebook, Twitter or vKontakte right from the Opera Mini 6 browser
  • New jazzed-up skin and redesigned Opera menus

Embedded below is a video for your viewing pleasure. By the way, the background song and the video matches so perfect at some points.

Download Opera Mini 6 for your iOS device.

Tip: Don’t have an iPad but want to try the tablet-specific UI of Opera Mini 6? Just download Opera Mobile 11 for Windows from Opera labs to experience the tablet-specific UI.