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Otterbox Announces Studio Collection of iPhone Cases

More Otterbox new for iPhone owners, they’ve just announced the Studio Collection of cases that feature art from up and coming artists. The cases are based on the popular Defender series so you know your phone will be protected but it will also look really good. Not much more to say about these really, they look good I guess if you’re into that kind of stuff….



The OtterBox® Defender Series® case for Apple® iPhone® 4/4S is now a canvas for creativity, featuring designs from up-and-coming artists Monique Maloney and Evan Mann. The new Studio Collection from OtterBox paints a path to protection with two unique design styles.

“Whether in textiles, nature or other artists’ illustrations, the beauty in small details brightens my day.”

“The Eternality designs were inspired by my fondness for the flowers, flourishes and repeating patterns that I see in daily life,” Maloney said. “Whether in textiles, nature or other artists’ illustrations, the beauty in small details brightens my day.”

Maloney is an award-winning graphic designer and educator currently residing in Virginia along with her husband and an active two-year-old daughter. Inspired by textile designer William Morris and the Art Nouveau movement, Maloney’s style can be described as organic and whimsical. She enjoys weaving hand-rendered elements into a digital format, blending her love of drawing and illustrating with her passion for design.

Mann, creator of the Surreal designs, is a Colorado-based artist who works with drawing, printmaking, sculpture, installation and video. Influenced by artists such as Sara Sze, Tara Donovan, Oliver Vernon and Matthew Barney, he creates otherworldly scenarios and environments that explore the metaphysical and mysterious aspects of reality. He goes great lengths to exercise his imagination as he grapples with themes related to faith, life, death and love.

“The work on the Surreal OtterBox cases are my imaginings of metaphysical spaces – the imagery depicts the manifestation of invisible worlds and phenomena beyond the limitations of our physical senses,” Mann said. “My hope is for these spatial landscapes to act as imaginative nourishment that feed the mystery of reality.”

The Studio Collection of Defender Series cases are available now from* For more information, visit

Additional Information:

Environmental Protection:

Drop and shock: protects device against drop, shock and bump

Dust intrusion: dust does not enter in a sufficient quantity to interfere with satisfactory operation of device

Water protection: not tested or recommended for water protection


Eternality: Sublime, Celestial, Perennial and Immortal**

Surreal: Dream and Fantasy

Dimensions (case only):

4.88 in (124.12 mm) x 2.71 in (68.91 mm) x 0.66 in (16.76 mm)

Approximate Weight (case only):

1.83 oz (52.06 g)