I know the Motorola ATRIX 4G is not available yet, but as you may have just read it showed up on Amazon for 150 bucks starting February 11th. Whether that is right or wrong, I know if you are planning on getting the ATRIX 4G you are already thinking about what accessories you are going to get with it. When I checked out the Amazon listing I happened to notice that they were already listing the OtterBox Defender Series Cases for the ATRIX 4G for $49.99. So I headed over to the OtterBox website and sure enough they are listing all three of their cases for it as coming soon!

  • The Impact Series Case $19.95
  • The Commuter Series Case $34.95
  • The  Defender Series Case $49.95

We have done a lot of reviews on OtterBox Cases and they are awesome quality. Check out our Review Page for all of the different cases by OtterBox we have reviewed. Click on the links above and head on over to OtterBox for more information.


  1. No, I can assure you that it will not fit. I have that same gripe with my iPhone. But I look at tall the protection and those small inconveniences are pretty much gone. I found that I can get my device out a defender case in no time, and it always seems cool to see it again without a cover on, cause it is in mint condition with no scritchies all over it.

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