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Outlook 2013: An exercise in wasting space to epic proportions

I’m a fan of the ‘Metro’ style (modern style, whatever) and I’m fine with big bold words and fonts.  But I just loaded Office 2013 with my corporate account and as pretty as it may be it looks and feels like there’s just an epic failure in space management. Look at what your email list looks like. See that? The “…’ is there but really why? Give me words, not dots. The first full sentence is reduced to a mere 3 words (the next word was ‘happens’ and it was chopped) . And you can see that space that’s just blank. There’s absolutely no reason to have all of that blank space though. And I can’t find a way to disable ‘space wasting mode’. I think I’m going to be forced to put the preview pane below and then the calendar to the right because with the preview on the right you lose too much.

If you think I’m being picky then you don’t use Outlook in a corporate environment because I live and die by Outlook and when it’s more efficient so am I.