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Palm Pixi with $20 Airtime for $40

Here’s another deal for you, then again I’m not sure I would even call this a deal.. but still it’s not a bad price for a brand new phone even if it is dying or dead tech. I remember when the Palm Pixi came out, I guess it didn’t go over too well if they’re on clearance at these prices for a brand new phone. Still for this price it might not be bad as a backup or emergency phone…

  • Handset is New. New, as in its not used, not refurbished, not old….
  • Service is prepaid. Which means you pay us a little and we give you more than you expect. We wish everything worked like this.
  • Shipping costs us money, but it’s free to you! And before you even ask, we don’t ship via carrier pigeon.
  • Real Paygo is the nation’s chapest pay-as-you-go plan, no joke! To get more information on this plan, visit the dedicated Real Paygo Plan page.
  • Phone supports voice calling (duh!), SMS, and 3G Web. You’ll enjoy the full QWERTY to text your friends about your new phone. AND, the touchscreen phone so you can swipe your way through MySpace (wait, MySpace isn’t a thing anymore?).
  • A $20 card gives 90 days of service. That’s like getting service for only $6.67 per month, or 22¢ a day, and yes, we’ll give you change for a quarter.