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Palm Pre Hitting Sprint Stores To Their Employee Advocates

The Launch of the Palm Pre cometh! Yadda Yadda, we have been saying that for months now but some leaked photos confirm that Sprint Stores are receiving Palm Pre Units for their Store Advocates and putting Sprint Subscribers closer to the edge of their seats with anticipation!

So what the heck is a Sprint Store Advocate? They are the special chosen elect that are getting special training on the Palm Pre and will be the “go-to” person at the Sprint Store for that Device. The Store Advocate will also receive a Palm Pre earlier than the release to have had time to play with and make sure they can answer the questions that Sprint Customers will have. So look for the release sometime this upcoming week? It seems likely!

So what are some of the Advocates reactions to the Palm Pre? From Pre Central the Advocates are saying that the Keyboard is: “definitely a cross between a Centro and a Treo Pro keyboard."  and "feels like pure sex in the hand."  (No PG-13 comment seems to come to mind here). Also “the webOS is "amazing" and "responsive."

Stay tuned as we ready ourselves for the launch of the Palm Pre which seems to be looking good for this week! Let us know if you are thinking of getting the Palm Pre and what you thoughts are! Comments are always welcome!