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Panoramic Backgrounds For TF3D

Just take a look at this – it’s a panoramic background to TF3D so you can use a panoramic photo as a continuous background.

This is the work of NisseDILLIGAF of XDA who is a legend. The instructions are simple – just download the manila files to your Windows directory and the panoramic picture as well (make sure TF3D is off when doing this). And he’s included a bunch of photos to choose from and in his posting there’s a link to a bunch of panoramas that other members have contributed as well. The end result is a really neat effect as you can see. He’s even included templates so users can make their own customized backgrounds.

A few caveats though. This does not work for 6.5 ROM’s or for the TP2 port of TF3D or the VZ landscape version. It’s intended for the original TF3D version (including the Diamond). So if you have not upgraded your version of TF3D you’re in luck.

So head over to this thread on XDA to see the work and to download the appropriate files as well as links to other member’s work. Thanks again to NisseDILLIGAF and to you know who for testing this out on various versions of TF3D. If you appreciate NisseDILLIGAF’s work feel free to buy him a beer for his work.