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Parachute Panic and Pageonce – Both Heading To WP7

We’re again greeted with a top selling game and finance app on their way to Windows Phone. I’m a sucker for games, so first up is Parachute Panic. This is a game that has sold over 4m copies in 6 months on the iPhone. It’s geared towards the casual gamers and the goal is simple – stick men are falling and you need to deploy their parachutes at the right time to save them, but of course, based on the sales stats you can expect this to be highly addictive. The screenshots suggest that the game dimensions are unchanged from the iPhone but the scores on top were added to utilize the extra room caused by a change in resolution.

There are a lot more images at PocketGamer if you’re interested.

OK let’s get down to business…uhm finance. Next up is Pageonce. It’s a personal finance app that lets you see all of your finances in real time to monitor your accounts, track bills,s pending history, etc. It’s very highly rated from lots of sources (from the NY Times, Washington Post, Cnet, Forbes, etc) so that alleviates a lot of the concerns I have about an app lie this – that it’s a small time developer scamming my info.

The application will be available for free and features:

  • Account Monitoring:  A quick and simple snapshot of available cash, credit card balances, upcoming bills, and investment values.
  • Transaction Insights: Ability to dive deeper and look into daily financial transactions and spending behavior
  • Bill Tracking:  A comprehensive look at bills, when they are due and how much is owed
  • Spending History: A monthly spending history and trends across all accounts
  • Real-Time Alerts:  Notifications and updates deliver important account events and help users avoid fees, penalties and suspicious activity

Here’s a video of it in action:

This app is actually available for Windows Mobile now where it enjoys 4/5 stars with 302 reviews (which in WM world is a lot). Man what a different an OS makes though, as the WM version looks positively boring relative to the sleek look of the WP7 version.

You can check out their site now as well and even start putting your info together.