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Paradox Exit: Elbert Perez’s Latest Windows Phone Hit

every game he does goes gold and looking at the ratings on Paradox Exit, it’s no exception with a solid 5 star rating. Let’s just hit the video:

Here’s the official description:

A uneventful afternoon opened up the adventure of a lifetime for Toby.
After curiously pressing the big RED button, Toby found himself transported to a Series of Giant Boxes in Space. With his wits gathered about, Toby descended deeper into the super structure only to find out it is connected via Ancient Warp Gates. With no other way home he ventured forth into the structure with one hope that he can get back home to his uneventful afternoon.

– Featuring a fully destructible and physics driven environment
– Infinite level possibilities with dynamically changing levels
– Over 50 different enemies to fight
– Upgrade Toby’s suit and abilities to help him survive the environment
– Elbert’s guaranteed promise to keep evolving the game play and add new features

And like his other titles it’s free too so check it out here in Marketplace.