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PCWorld: Windows Phone 7 Doesn’t Need Tethering

image“Windows Phone 7 Doesn’t Need Tethering"”. That’s the title of a PCWorld blog entry posted today. Essentially, the argument is that carriers are shunning tethering through excessive pricing that’s tiered. So on AT&T, for example, the privilege to tether is $20 plus $25 per 2gb/month. Meanwhile you can get a cheaper portable WiFi hotspot (like the Virgin Mobile MiFi) on an unlimited data plan.

For my two cents, I can’t recall the last time I needed tethering and almost none of my non-tech friends have any idea what tethering even means. Yes, it’s a nice feature for some, but I’m not sure it’s as mainstream as we’re all making it out to be. Quite frankly, if you know what Windows phone 7 is then you’re probably outside of the norm since most people think CNN is a new source and not Engadget.

In the end, it’s something that will be implemented but it’s a feature that’s being overhyped by an overly technical blogosphere who think that all people tether all the time…they don’t. And again, I think MS needs to fix these issues so the word on the street isn’t about the lack of features in WP7 because of they lose the media campaign they’ll doom their launch.