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PEPID Releases Its Medical Application For The Palm Pre

PEPID has expanded its mobile platform to include the Palm Pre. The new PEPID application is designed specifically for the device’s WebOS, allowing healthcare providers to gain access to life saving protocols, drug interactions and other vital patient care information wherever they go, directly from their device.

The new Palm Pre application includes all the trusted clinical content and tools customers are accustomed to from PEPID, in addition to our Platinum Suite features. PEPID Platinum Suites include a differential diagnosis generator that allows healthcare professionals to select symptoms and generate a list of possible diagnosis and our laboratory manual in addition to our disease profiles, drug database, drug interactions generator, dosing and medical calculators.

Clinicians who purchase PEPID Palm Pre during January or February 2010 will receive an additional three months free of charge.

PEPID will automatically roll over any remaining subscription time for existing customers who purchase a new subscription for the Palm Pre within 48-72 hours.

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New software is the first medical app of its kind for the smart phone.

Evanston, IL — January 20, 2010 — PEPID, the leading developer of clinical decision-support information and technology for doctors and nurses, announced today the release of its Palm Pre application, making PEPID the original developer of point-of-care medical applications for the device and Web OS operating system.

“We are committed to making PEPID available for every device and operating system on the market,” said John Wagner, President. “As physicians and nurses upgrade to the latest smart phones such as the Palm Pre, they can count on having access PEPID’s award-winning content and tools.”

PEPID’s reputable clinical and pharmacological content is designed to support clinicians through every stage of the decision support process, from the initial content, all the way through treatment and follow-up care — increasing patient safety through better-informed patient care. PEPID contains the most extensive drug database on the market today, thousands of disease profiles and medical conditions, medical and dosing calculators, a drug interactions checker, along with numerous illustrations, laboratory values, and a differential diagnosis generator, all available on the Palm Pre.

“We’ve integrated all of this information into one application, which can be quickly and easily accessed by subscribers using the Palm Pre,” said Edward Reynolds, PEPID’s Chief Technology Officer. “Our development teams ensure that PEPID’s content is available for the latest technology—the next big release will be for the Google Android platform, which is coming soon.”

Studies have shown that medical errors are reduced and patient care improves when clinicians use software like PEPID. Now they can have the latest medical information and tools at their fingertips with the new PEPID application for the Palm Pre.

PEPID has provided clinical specialty-focused products since 1994, focusing on the way healthcare professionals practice medicine. PEPID offers one of the most robust medical information resources on the market as well as some of the best customer service in the industry.

Looking in one place and finding everything you need is powerful in any industry, but the benefits are even more substantial in healthcare. PEPID is available on Palm Pre and all other smart phones, online or delivered into an existing electronic medical record system.

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